The Academy is a British Community Interest Company (CIC) and promotes ecological and territorial development on the African continent

La Academia Africana para el Desarrollo Ecológico, protagonista de la ceremonia de la British Moroccan Society en Marrakech


The African Academy for Ecological Development, a British Community Interest Company (CIC), took centre stage in Marrakech at a ceremony organised by the British Moroccan Society (BMS), as part of a programme of social and cultural activities carried out in this Moroccan city and in the High Atlas region.  

The event highlighted the initiatives carried out by the Academy in favour of the ecological development of the African continent and the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of African women, as reported by the media Euromagreb. The conclave was attended by officials from both institutions to emphasise the activity of the Academy itself. The BMS's annual adventure through Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains has resumed after several years interrupted by the pandemic. 

Recognised by the United Kingdom Social Enterprise Body, the African Academy for Ecological Development, based in London, was born out of the activity of various personalities and professionals who have sought to help the sustainable development of the African continent. 

The British Moroccan Society is dedicated to promoting links and mutual understanding between the UK and the Kingdom of Morocco through opportunities for social, cultural, educational, business and charitable activities. The BMS aims to promote knowledge of Morocco in the UK and vice versa, interest in Moroccan and British culture and art and the development of cultural exchange between the two sides, social contacts between stakeholders in the two kingdoms, trade, economic and tourism links and exchanges, educational collaboration and connections, and fundraising events for charitable causes in the North African country. 

The BMS and the African Academy for Ecological Development share the same principles and values and work together to carry out, in Morocco, a series of activities of a social, charitable and humanitarian nature, thus contributing to all the efforts committed by the Moroccan kingdom for a sustainable and inclusive development. 

The BMS was pleased to be in Morocco and more specifically in Marrakech, to develop initiatives to discover the rich heritage and history of the city known as the Ochre City, highlighting the progress and the modernisation process that the Kingdom of Morocco is carrying out, under the guidelines of King Mohammed VI. Marrakech is a place of great charm; a former imperial city in western Morocco and an important economic centre with mosques, palaces and gardens that was the focus of the event hosted by the Academy and the BMS.  

As a British Community Interest Society, the Academy enjoys a special hybrid status that allows it to access the benefits of charitable organisations, raise funds and receive donations, while offering its services and expertise, as Abdelhamid Khalil, president and founder of the institution, pointed out in statements reported by Morocco's official news agency MAP and to the M24 news television channel. The head of the African Academy for Ecological Development explained that all the benefits go to African women's communities. "Convinced that Africa's Sustainable Development cannot be achieved without doing justice to African women, an essential pillar, and without addressing the gender relations and disparities that underlie the current inequality, the Academy has a duty to promote the empowerment of women as actors of change for sustainable development, promoting their rights and giving them the opportunity to become more empowered and to develop and promote their human capital," Abdelhamid Khalil stressed.  

To contribute to the creation of a favourable environment for the evolution of African women, the Academy is expanding its scope of action beyond the social sphere, in a cross-cutting manner to contribute to economic, socio-cultural development and environmental protection, according to the Academy's president and founder. 

The African Academy for Ecological Development collaborates with local structures in the territories in which it works to strengthen territorial development, as reported by Euromagreb. An example of this is the announcement of the establishment of a strategic partnership between the Academy and the Travel Link Foundation for the benefit of the populations of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.  

The Academy also has other regional joint ventures in Africa, such as in Dakar (Senegal) and Togo, as well as in the southern provinces of Morocco, in particular Dakhla, and a joint venture is being set up with Peking University, mainly for the benefit of African women's projects.  

Meanwhile, Sengchanh Ming, Vice-President of the Academy and also President of the Association of Chinese in Europe, stressed the universal character of the Academy, whose members and leaders come from many regions of the world. 

The main reason for the activity in Marrakech this year revolved around the sport of golf, an excuse used in this case to visit many associations in the High Atlas mountain area that have received support from the BMS and to see on the ground the benefits of the charitable actions carried out with the local population, especially women. After several years of hiatus due to COVID-19, this trip was particularly special. The highlight was the visit to these small associations in the Atlas Mountains supported by the BMS, where there was an opportunity to see the impact that BMS membership, donations and attendance at BMS events have on the area. BMS members who took part in the trip joined the golfers at a gala dinner held at the Es Saadi Palace Hotel. At the meeting, prizes were awarded to the various winners of the golf tournament organised for the benefit of the BMS.