The two seasons of the podcast "Creators" are available on the channel

CaixaForum+ premieres a podcast on the relationship between architecture and health

With Caixaforum+ comes "Healthy Architectures", the podcast on architecture that heals. What role has architecture played in our health for centuries? Architecture shelters us from the moment we are born until we die. It cares for us, heals us and saves us. The design of our cities and buildings, and even the way we decorate our homes, are designed to prevent diseases, plagues and pandemics. We will discover a social aspect of architecture that is rarely told. And we will do so with the architect Jaime Font, co-founder of the Mesura architecture studio. 

In each of the seven episodes of this new podcast, Jaime Font has a conversation with a different guest about the role architecture has played in our health throughout history. Font and his guests will address and analyse, from this perspective, various spaces that form part of our daily lives: cities, houses, schools and hospitals, as well as the specific places (mortuaries, mausoleums, etc.) in which we carry out the rituals of saying goodbye to a loved one. 

The seven episodes that make up "Healthy Architectures" are as follows: 

Episode 1: "Creating cities", with Benedetta Tagliabue (architect). 

Episode 2: "Houses that take care of us", with Anna Ramos (director of the Mies van der Rohe Foundation) 

Episode 3: "Health is inside", with Berta Josa (interior designer) 

Episode 4: "School: pass or fail?", with David Bueno (neuroscientist) and Josep Bohigas (architect) 

Episode 5: "Sick hospitals", with Patricio Mart铆nez and M脿xim Torruella (founding architects of PMMT studio) 

Episode 6: "Where we say goodbye", with Inma Puig (clinical psychologist) 

Episode 7: "Thinking the unthinkable", with Areti Markopoulou (architect, researcher and urban technologist) 

The two seasons of the "Creators" podcast, now available at CaixaForum+ 

The two seasons of the "Creators" podcast are now available on the CaixaForum+ channel. "Creators" is a podcast that brings together the intimate testimony of the great contemporary Spanish creators. This series of in-depth conversations brings together the leading names in culture in capital letters, whose work will have an impact on several generations. A treasure for our present and a legacy for our future. 

"Creators" gathers the words of these great figures of Spanish culture in the first person and from their places of life. In the eight episodes of its first season, the filmmakers Isabel Coixet and Fernando Trueba, the plastic artist Antonio L贸pez, the chef Juan Mari Arzak, the international architects RCR Arquitectes and Patricia Urquiola, the photographer Alberto Garc铆a-Alix and the writer Antonio Mu帽oz Molina talk about their life experiences, their creative processes and their vision of the world. 

In the second season, the protagonists of the six episodes are the actor Jos茅 Sacrist谩n, the writer Rosa Montero, the singer Carmen Linares, the designer Javier Mariscal, the orchestra conductor Josep Pons and the plastic artist Miquel Barcel贸. Each episode of "Creators" synthesises in approximately 50 minutes the long in-depth interviews conducted with these key figures in Spanish creation and culture as part of the "Creators Archive" project. 

The "Creators Archive" project has been designed to preserve and transmit the legacy of the most valuable people in Spanish culture through extensive interviews lasting ten hours each, which are also available, in their entirety, on the CaixaForum+ channel. 

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