The programme analyses the course of the war in Ukraine with Putin's warnings and the conflict in Gaza with the confrontation between Israel and Hamas

"De cara al mundo": international analysis on Onda Madrid

De cara al mundo
photo_camera De cara al mundo

"De cara al mundo", the programme on Onda Madrid directed and presented by Javier Fernández Arribas, director of Atalayar, deals with current affairs in the world on a weekly basis.

The war in Ukraine continues. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned NATO of using nuclear weapons if the organisation deploys troops in Ukraine, which would be considered a threat to its security. Putin delivered the address to the nation a day before the Moscow funeral of opposition leader Alexei Navalni where Russian security forces have deployed extraordinary security measures and two weeks before the presidential election, where Putin's victory is taken for granted.

In Ukraine, the Russian offensive continues as President Volodymyr Zelensky continues his changes in the chain of command of the Armed Forces, this time the change affects the head of logistics. Zelenski continues to warn that they do not have the weapons to withstand the Russian offensive. 

Meanwhile, the war in Gaza continues. A new tragedy in the Gaza Strip, where a hundred people may have been killed during the chaos caused by a mob assault on a convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid. The Israeli army acknowledges that its soldiers made some interventions to protect themselves and claims that the vast majority of deaths occurred in the rush of people trying to storm the roads and were run over by the trucks themselves. Satellite imagery provides evidence of what happened. The Palestinians directly accuse Israel.

The programme "De cara al mundo" will feature Miguel Ángel Benedicto, professor of International Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid, María Senovilla, journalist and correspondent, and Lucas Martín, expert international analyst, to analyse all these issues. 

As every Friday, the discussion will be led by Atalayar's regular contributors, Claudia Luna, Mexican journalist and writer, and Pedro González, journalist and founder of Euronews, coordinated by Javier Fernández Arribas. They will discuss the crisis in the Middle East with the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, the war in Ukraine with Vladimir Putin's warnings and the elections in Iran.

"De cara al mundo", Friday 1 March from 22:05 to 23:00.