The programme analyses the reinforcement of measures against COVID in China in the face of the latest protests against the Communist Party and President Xi Jinping and the course of the war in Ukraine

"De cara al mundo" international analysis on Onda Madrid

“De cara al mundo” el análisis internacional en Onda Madrid

"De cara al mundo", the programme on Onda Madrid directed and presented by Javier Fernández Arribas, director of Atalayar, tackles the most relevant issues on the international scene every Friday. 

The Chinese authorities have had to relax the strict anti-COVID measures in the face of increasing protests in cities across the country. These demonstrations have been growing and have been characterised by criticism of President Xi Jinping and calls for the end of the Communist Party. Raúl Ramírez Ruiz, a historian specialising in China, will provide important clues on the subject in the programme's microphones.  

The radio programme will return to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov raises the tone of threats with the option of using nuclear weapons because the West is helping Ukraine. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has expressed his willingness to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin to try to end the conflict. Biden has received French President Emmanuel Macron in Washington to discuss this and other issues relevant to the US and Europe. Lucas Martin, an expert international analyst, and María Senovilla, special envoy to Ukraine, will shed light on these issues.  

As every Friday, the discussion will be led by Atalayar's regular contributors, Claudia Luna, Mexican journalist and writer, and Pedro González, journalist and founder of Euronews, coordinated by Javier Fernández Arribas. They will discuss the political and social problems in China, the war in Ukraine, the meeting between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron and various issues related to the controversial World Cup in Qatar.  

"De cara al mundo", Friday 2 December from 22:05 to 23:00.