It awards its annual prizes to Carlos Herrera, Maria Dueñas, Jordi Socias, Daniela Santiago, and Women for Africa Foundation

International Press Club pays tribute to murdered journalists David Beriáin and Roberto Fraile

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The International Press Club (IPC) will pay tribute to the journalists recently murdered in Burkina Faso, David Beriáin and Roberto Fraile, highlighting "their accredited professional work over the years and in different media, as well as their example of courage and perseverance in the service of a direct, committed and barrier-free journalism".

For the quality and commitment of their work, the IPC awards its annual 'International Journalism Award' to the most outstanding media correspondents or special reporters.

This year's winners include the journalist Carlos Herrera, for his long professional career, the internationally acclaimed author María Dueñas, the photojournalist Jordi Socias, the correspondent of Radio Televisión Portuguesa in Spain Daniela Santiago, and the association Women for Africa, chaired by María Teresa Fernández de la Vega.

The Club, which has been active for more than half a century, rewards the long and successful professional career of radio, press and television journalist Carlos Herrera over the years for "cultivating his own style that creates an affective bond with his audience, displaying independence and professionalism".

Carlos Herrera

The award for the author with international impact is awarded to the writer María Dueñas, who returns to the theme of her great publishing success 'El tiempo entre costuras' with her novel 'Sira', once again set in places and cities around the world with a Spanish influence.

The award for his career as a photojournalist goes to Jordi Socias, "a witness and a singular creator who since the 1970s has remembered the change in Spain with a lucid and creative view".

The award for the most outstanding foreign media correspondent goes to Daniela Santiago, who has been covering Spanish news for Radio Televisión Portuguesa RTP for six years, as incisively and actively as in her long career as a special reporter around the world.

The award for an institution that stands out for its defence of human values was given to Women for Africa Foundation, the association chaired by María Teresa Fernández de la Vega for "its tireless action to improve the living conditions and dignity of women in the difficult context of life on the African continent".

Club Internacional de Prensa

Tribute to the murdered journalists

Familiar with high-risk missions, in war zones or in situations compromised by the investigation of corruption, death surprised Beriáin and Fraile in Africa while they were filming a documentary on poaching in a dangerous area of Burkina Faso, part of the Sahel, where various terrorist groups are active in an attempt to control some of the countries with weak Governments and institutions.

It was his last contribution, which was paid with his life, to a career that highlights a serious and committed work that had a great impact on the media and the public. Over the years, information professionals from different media have been able to share his human qualities and his ability to generate a high level of journalism, which will remain an example of commitment and quality. That is why the International Press Club wishes to dedicate its annual award, which highlights the work of correspondents and special reporters around the world, to these two colleagues who knew how to combine quality and risk in the service of telling the truth. The Club, which brings together foreign correspondents and Spanish journalists with international careers, has awarded prizes in recent years to Pablo M. Díez, Mavi Doñate, Erika Reija, Pilar Bonet, Carlos Franganillo and the journalists Marc Marginedas, Javier Espinosa and Ricardo García Vilanova, who were kidnapped in Syria a few years ago. 

The Degussa "Golden Rose" award ceremony is scheduled for next September in the Cecilio Rodríguez Gardens of the Retiro in Madrid, chaired by the mayor of the city, José Luis Martínez Almeida.

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