Mata: Humanity's Space for Coexistence and Cultural Exchange

The second day of the 12th edition of the Mata International Equestrian Festival was an occasion for many researchers from national and international institutions to discuss the theme of peace at the Mata: Space for the exchange of human cultures conference
Mata Conferencia Larache
  1. Europe's leading role with Morocco in peace building
  2. Mata, festival of generosity and intercultural and interreligious dialogue
  3. Sufism starts from inner peace to reach world peace 
  4. Mata, the meeting of the 3As: Openness, Love and Joy

Nabil Baraka, president of the Mata International Equestrian Festival, underlined in his opening speech for the Mata Conference: space for the exchange of human cultures conference, the relevance of the link that unites horse and man in a holy land where the spiritual leader Abdeslam Ibn Mashiche sowed Sufi values, from the city of Larache; transmitting the message of peace and coexistence rooted in the Sufi Islamic culture.

Mata coran oro Larache

One of the new stories presented during the conference was the presentation of one of the golden pages of the Koran. Currently, 162 unique pages written in the text of the cult of Islam are kept in the Museo de San Petesburgo.

To preserve it, we decide to make a gold copy of each page to attempt the possible destruction and preserve a spiritual good for Muslims and a cultural value for all humanity.

Mata Festival Nabila invitados

The international conference, which was a meeting point for researchers from various national and international institutions, as well as participants from different religions and various European and African countries, aimed to strengthen the bonds of communication between Africa and Europe represented by Morocco and Spain, with an openness to other continents.

Mata Conferencia Larache participantes mas

Europe's leading role with Morocco in peace building

Patricia Llompart, the Ambassador of the European Union in Morocco affirmed that “Europe has a lot to do and contribute with Morocco in building peace for a future based on fraternity, solidarity and peace”; recalling “Europe's day and the European project for peace”.

Mata Festival llonbart baraka

“This project is based on the common roots of some 27 countries; as well as calls for cooperation of a cultural nature between Europe and Africa,” added Llombart giving the example of the fusion between Italian jazz and Moroccan Gnawa music. 

In this sense, Patricia Llombart made a special emphasis on the importance of valuing the contribution of culture and all that unites us to create bridges of coexistence with different identities and cultures, stressing the need for peace in a world where wars are very present with much pain in Europe and the Middle East. 

Mata conferencia larache flores
Mata conferencia larache flores

For the European ambassador, the festival is a place of spirituality, a meeting point for cultural exchange and an opportunity to renew the call to build bridges of peace that are so necessary today.

Mata, festival of generosity and intercultural and interreligious dialogue

For her part, Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO artist ambassador for peace, highlighted “the cultural richness and heart-to-heart dialogue never seen elsewhere that distinguish the Mata festival.” 

Mata Conferencia Baraka llombart

“Thanks to the language of horses and traditions with traditional clothing of dignity, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, the festival plays an important role in enduring the dialogue of peace between different civilizations,” Kessous explained.

There is a generosity of heart that shows in the eyes of everyone we have seen present at the festival. The population shows a pride of belonging by watching the horse race,” added the UNESCO artist, praising the gift of self to the collective that characterizes the people.

Mata Conferencia participantes

Sufism starts from inner peace to reach world peace 

Moses Garelik, the representative of the Kabbalah, a Sufi mystical tradition of Judaism, pointed out that “Father Abdeslam Ibn Mashiche had left a great legacy, a clear vision and a fantastic message of Sufism based on the peace that the whole world needs.”

Mata Conferencia Larache fund. only one

“Peace begins with inner peace, if each one of us experiences inner peace then we can live peace in the world,” he explained urging “the public present in this holy space to transmit and deliver Abdeslam Ibn Mashiche's message of peace to the world.”

Moses clarified that “Morocco is the nation where the population has always lived in peace with different religions and diverse identities; it continues to play an important role in maintaining peace for all humanity.

Mata conferencia Larache participantes

Mata, the meeting of the 3As: Openness, Love and Joy

Nabil Baraka concluded the conference by pointing out that “the values of spirituality and humanity represent the true links that unite us all and that without them the essence and peace is lost.” 

Mata ecuestre larache

It should be recalled that the conference was attended by other peace activists from other countries in Africa and Europe, along with the representative of Buddhism in Belgium, Moroccan and foreign journalists, as well as public figures from the world of politics, art and communication.

The conference was moderated by the presenter of the National Radio in Tangier (SNRT) Nezha Benadi. 

Mata Festival muñeca Llombart

It is worth mentioning that all the guests, the participants, the population have shared throughout the two days of the International Equestrian Festival Mata de Equestrian an atmosphere full of openness, love and joy.

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