The importance of MRAs in the country's development was the main theme of the meeting held in the French capital

Reunión de los Marroquíes Residentes en el Extranjero (MRE) en París

photo_camera AFP/FADEL SENNA - Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco

Who are the MRAs? Moroccans Resident Abroad (MRAs) are the leading contributors to foreign investment in the securities of Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), with an amount of 1.02 billion dirhams in 2021, or 39.6% of the total amounts invested, according to the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (MCMA).

At the end of August 2022, MRA transfers amounted to 71.42 billion dirhams. By the end of the year, they should reach 93 billion dirhams, according to Central Bank projections. Enough to finance the energy import bill, which is expected to reach 125 billion dirhams this year. This more than doubling also coincides with the crazy decade of the real estate sector and the golden age of fast money remittance companies in the Moroccan market. Along with Turkey and China, Morocco is one of the strategic markets for instant money transfer operators.


The creation of a digital platform dedicated to Moroccans Resident Abroad (MRA) aims to deploy modern means of communication to address the issues of an "important category" of Moroccans, underlined the King's Attorney General to the Court of Cassation, President of the Public Prosecutor's Office, El Hassan Daki.

The role of Moroccans living abroad, as key players in the progress of the Kingdom, was at the centre of a meeting in Paris, at the initiative of the Franco-Moroccan association Dynamic Maroc. The meeting's participants took place under the theme, "Moroccans in the world of France: what expectations and what contributions to the New Development Model?" and stressed the fundamental role of the Moroccan diaspora in strengthening the development process and the dominance it holds within the Kingdom.


This message was delivered in the presence of several Moroccan personalities and more than a hundred businessmen working in different areas in France. The meeting was used to show the importance and the role played by the Moroccan diaspora in the economic, cultural, educational and research plans by the president of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), Driss El Yamazi.

"Morocco has developed real expertise and know-how in the field of culture," he said, noting that the Kingdom has carried out important cultural operations and initiatives at the international level, which have been "tremendously successful". For his part, Nada Bakkali, the Kingdom's Consul General in Paris, recalled that, in his last speech, King Mohammed VI devoted a large part of it to the Moroccan community living abroad as an "internal, unique and fully mobilised front". The Alaoui King expressed his esteem for the members of the Moroccan community living abroad who selflessly defend the territorial integrity of their country, making the national cause resound in all the forums to which they have access and thanks to the positions they hold.


Likewise, a public policy should be implemented to enhance the efforts of MRAs in the development dynamics of the Kingdom. Consul Nada Bakkali, in this regard, pointed out that Moroccan skills abroad are called, more than ever, to take an active part in the development efforts that Morocco is experiencing, under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI, and this for a Morocco with all "united, strong and open" in all its capacities to strengthen the country's march towards more progress. For his part, Said Laatiriss, president of Dynamic Maroc, stressed the importance of making a real diagnosis of the new expectations of Moroccans around the world, especially the 5th or even the 6th generation.

In this sense, he stressed the need for the participation and consideration of Moroccan youth, including them in the debate, but also preparing them to think and act, affirming that they have a leading role in national development.