The agreement has been described as a milestone for enabling the development of economic and sustainable projects in both countries

Marruecos e Israel firman un memorando de entendimiento sobre la propiedad intelectual

photo_camera PHOTO/NATHAN CHICHEPORTICHE - Israel and Morocco sign first intellectual property agreement

Israel and Morocco continue to sign agreements to enhance the relationship between the two nations. Now, the two countries have met in Geneva and signed a memorandum of understanding on intellectual property in the business world. This agreement has been described as a "milestone" because of the great benefits that its implementation will bring to business cooperation on both sides.

The agreement was signed by Ofir Alon, Executive Director of the Israel Patent Office, and Abdelaziz Baqiqi, Director General of the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office. The agreement will become operational shortly and will run for five years. Subsequently, it can be automatically renewed or even extended for further improvements. 

The memorandum is part of the latest meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), one of the official bodies belonging to the United Nations. At the signing, together with the two directors, the director general of this entity, Daren Tang, was present, who had the honour of ensuring that the two parties fulfil what was promised and that the agreement was carried out in good conditions. Also in attendance were the ambassadors of both countries to the United Nations in Geneva, Omar Zniber on the Moroccan side, and Meirav Eilon representing Israel.

"This memorandum of understanding demonstrates our willingness to develop a partnership in innovation, creativity and high technology," said the Moroccan diplomat. "The State of Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco are taking a historic step in the framework of WIPO's activity and prospects, based on the relaunch of our bilateral relations. It shows our willingness to develop our cooperation and partnership in innovation, creativity and high technology, focusing on key fields for both Israel and Morocco," he continued. 

For his part, Eilon stressed that this agreement will lead both parties to advance the state of their diplomatic relationship, being a symptom that things have changed and now everyone lives in harmony and peace. "This agreement will enable entrepreneurs and innovators to build a more prosperous and sustainable future," he said. 

In this regard, Morocco and Israel will develop viable business projects for the economy and that are framed in sustainability. They have also agreed to create mechanisms to promote bilateral relations in the field of industrial property protection. Among these aids, we can find a reinforcement of the exchange of knowledge between the organisations in this sector. However, it is also promised to benefit and help SMEs to improve their situation in this industry. 

A milestone in the ties between the two countries

In the last two years, the relationship between Morocco and Israel has gone from strength to strength. In such a short period of time, both countries have moved away from tension and conflict and have decided to take a new step to pursue a new path as prosperous nations, always with a focus on peace and cooperation.

The Kingdom and the Israeli state began this new stage under the supervision of the United States with the signing of the Abraham Accords in December 2020. The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, personally ensured that several Arab countries and Israel put aside enmity to move towards the establishment of this diplomatic adventure. These memoranda have enabled the two countries to come closer together and find themselves in a moment of full cooperation in all sectors. 

Since then, the two sides have been immersed in signing memoranda that will benefit both countries. These include in various economic areas such as the arms sector, education, foreign investment, tourism, renewable energy, etc. 

"This agreement is testimony to the strong and growing relations between the two countries to create a more peaceful and prosperous region," said the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva. For the organisation, this latest pact signifies an important step forward in the countries' bilateral relationship and affirms that these will continue to develop on an increasingly frequent basis.

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