The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication assures that this decree will help the Moroccan media to open up to the world and have an influence abroad

Morocco approves draft law to support national press

PHOTO/AFP - El ministro marroquí de Cultura, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid
photo_camera PHOTO/AFP - Moroccan Minister of Culture Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid

The Moroccan government recently approved draft law no. 2.23.1041, which aims to support the journalism, publishing, printing and distribution sectors. This text was presented by Mohamed Mehdi Bensa√Įd, Morocco's Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication.

According to a statement from the Presidency of the Government, this draft law was adopted in accordance with Article 7 of Law No. 88.13 on the press and publishing in order to support the press, publishing, printing and distribution. It also aims to reform the press by modernising the sector, publishing institutions, printing houses and distribution companies on the basis of the principles of transparency, equal opportunities and neutrality. "This will allow journalism to shine on a national and international level and enhance its role in advocating for the Kingdom's major issues," reports Rue20.

To achieve this, a committee called the "Committee to Support the Development of the Press, Publishing, Printing and Distribution Sector" will be set up to study the companies that could benefit from the support allocated to the press, publishing, printing, distribution and dissemination. The members of this committee will have to adhere to a charter of ethics, as well as appoint a secretary for the body to carry out the tasks of receiving the nominated dossiers and meeting all the requirements and conditions of acceptance.

Minister Bensa√Įd noted that the decree encourages the national media to open up to the world and to influence abroad. On the other hand, it also supports the broadcasting of foreign language copies and the opening of offices abroad. The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication also indicated during a press conference that the Moroccan government supports the publication of copies of Moroccan media in Spanish, giving as an example the World Cup to be held jointly by Spain, Portugal and Morocco in 2030. 

PHOTO/FILE - Moroccan House of Representatives

"Government aid will allow the Moroccan media to have the aspiration and the capacity to open up to the outside world," added Bensa√Įd, who also stressed that "Morocco does not need the foreign press to sell its image, but Moroccan faces".

Last October, Bensa√Įd announced that an initiative was underway to support and strengthen the national press and create major communication centres. 

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