The Rally celebrates its 14th edition with a route between Madrid and Dakhla from 1 to 13 November

Raid Tanja Lagouira: aventura solidaria en Marruecos

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Adventure, solidarity, friendship, discovery and investment: these are the key terms on which the Tanja Lagouira Rally Raid initiative is based. This sporting event will run in its 14th edition between Madrid and Dakhla from 1 to 13 November, 13 exciting days that will mean a social adventure and an unforgettable experience for its participants. All this is organised by NORD SUD ACTION (Moroccan Association for Communication, Socio-Economic Development and Investment Incentives), in collaboration with the Moroccan Embassy in Spain and with the support of the Dakhla Oued Eddahab region.

The Tanja Lagouira Rally is not just a speed race, but rather a journey of discovery and a real adventure, as the organisers' declared aim is to arrive safe and sound at the final destination while enjoying the environment along the route. The competition is open to anyone who wants to take part, has a 4x4 vehicle and wants to take part in an adventure through Moroccan territory.

Rally Tanja-Lagouira

NORD SUD ACTION, together with the CRIs of the southern regions of Morocco and humanitarian associations established in the southern provinces, is organising this event with the aim of promoting the southern provinces of the Alaouite Kingdom through this 4x4 Raid from Tangier to Dakhla, starting this year from the capital of Spain. 

During the Raid, runners will be able to enjoy the landscapes, roads, dunes, paradisiacal beaches and oases of the Moroccan Sahara, as indicated by the organisers. They will also be able to discover the southern provinces of Morocco with all their wealth and investment potential, in particular the city of Dakhla and its beautiful region. 

Rally Tanja-Lagouira

They will be able to explore the small sandy tracks by the ocean, including an excursion to the legendary White Dune. There will also be the opportunity to learn board sports such as kitesurfing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking, to enjoy the views of cliffs and moons, or even to go line fishing or diving.

Rally Tanja-Lagouira


The social and charitable nature of this motor race is also very marked, as participants will be able to support humanitarian and social actions, deployed along the route. As part of the Raid Tanja Lagouira, social and charitable actions will be carried out in coordination with humanitarian associations established in the southern provinces of the North African country. Among the various activities are the distribution of clothes, the creation of commercial activities for the benefit of people with reduced mobility, circumcision of children with limited resources, etc. ...

Rally Tanja-Lagouira

NORD SUD ACTION, as the organising entity, has chosen to support various associations by donating economic resources that can be obtained at the end of the Raid, which can be used to help children in need, generate employment or resources for people with reduced mobility, as well as committing to the spirit of solidarity or sharing special moments.

Rally Tanja-Lagouira

Attractive route

The schedule is complete for the 13 days of the competition. The first day's stage will be between Madrid and Seville; the second stage will run between Seville and Tangier; the third day will run between Tangier and Marrakech; the fourth between Marrakech and Guelmim; the fifth between Guelmim and Laayoune; the sixth between Laayoune and Dakhla; the seventh, eighth and ninth will run entirely through Dakhla; the tenth between Dakhla and Laayoune; the eleventh between Laayoune and Tantan; the twelfth between Tantan and Agadir; and the thirteenth will end in Agadir. 

Throughout this 6,000-kilometre journey, participants will be able to enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Moroccan Sahara and enjoy the adventure. In addition to discovering the investment opportunities in the southern region of the Moroccan territory and promoting the development of the area through these possible investments; and also the aforementioned charitable activities that are developed through the distribution of clothes, the creation of commercial activities for the benefit of people with reduced mobility or the circumcision of indigent children. 

Rally Tanja-Lagouira


The Raid Tanja Lagouira already has a long history and since the first edition has already accumulated 910 participants, 325 off-road vehicles and 78,000 kilometres travelled. 

Rally Tanja-Lagouira

Among the social actions carried out are the 9,200 kilos of clothes distributed, 45 income-generating activities created for the benefit of people with reduced mobility, and even five schools equipped with computer equipment.

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