In collaboration with the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Kingdom of Spain celebrates World Food Safety Day

The Embassy of the UAE, in collaboration with the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation, has celebrated World Food Safety Day, whose theme this year is: "Food Standards Save Lives".

The celebration took place by organising a breakfast for the most vulnerable in the Church of San Anton in the centre of the Spanish capital, Madrid.

This collaboration between the UAE Embassy and Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz aims to raise awareness about the importance of providing the best quality food to ensure the safety of the food offered to the most vulnerable people.

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In addition, it highlights the role of practices and standards in the field of food safety in ensuring food quality and safety, as well as the importance of ensuring access to all available resources to ensure food security for all people, regardless of geographical or social aspects.

It is worth mentioning that food safety is a fundamental element in the UAE's food safety system, through the strategies implemented by the National Food Safety Committee, which is part of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, working in coordination with local authority partners to implement various measures to maintain food safety, develop information sharing mechanisms at the national and international level, and promote community awareness of proper food practices.

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