The Women for Africa Foundation premieres the documentary "The Science of African Women"

On 23 May at the Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid
Mujer África - PHOTO/FILE
Woman Africa - PHOTO/FILE

"The Science of African Women", a documentary film produced by the Women for Africa Foundation, chaired by María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, former Vice-President of the Spanish Government, will premiere next Thursday, 23 May at 18:00 at the Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid.  

This film will take viewers on a fascinating journey through the first eight years of the "Science by Women/Ellas Investigan" project, thanks to which African women scientists spend time at the best research centres in Spain. Through the direct testimonies of leading African women scientists from different countries, the unique and challenging experiences that these women face in their fields are revealed.

The protagonists share their experiences as women scientists, addressing crucial issues such as gender inequality, the professional obstacles they have overcome and the gulf that separates science in their environments from that of Western countries. They highlight the problems of access to industry and the lack of adequate technical resources to carry out their research work.

In addition, these researchers present the projects in which they are currently immersed, the vast majority of which have direct and significant applications in their own societies. Despite resource constraints, many of them have found innovative alternative paths, often unexplored in the Western world, which not only enriches their work, but also brings new perspectives and knowledge to the global scientific community.

The documentary highlights the transformative impact of this programme not only on the African women scientists, but also on the institutions that host them and their colleagues who collaborate with them for six months. This aspect underlines the importance of scientific cooperation as a fundamental element for progress in any field.

"The Science of African Women" is the Foundation's third audiovisual project, directed by journalist Begoña Piña and filmmaker Pedro Mambrú. This production not only offers a revealing look at the crucial role of women in African science, but also serves as a call to action to support and encourage scientific excellence across the continent.