President Joe Biden will announce this at the COP27 in Egypt

The United States will double its contribution to the Adaptation Fund and will provide 150 million to Africa


The United States will double its commitment to the Adaptation Fund, to 100 million dollars, and will give 150 million in aid to accelerate the President's Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE) in Africa.

These new contributions, which aim to help strengthen global resilience to climate change, will be announced by US President Joe Biden during his speech at the COP27 world climate summit in Egypt, according to a White House statement.

At the Glasgow summit a year ago, the US announced its first $50 million contribution to the Adaptation Fund, and Biden recently pledged $20 million to accelerate PREPARE's work in small island developing states.

Moreover, to help accelerate the green transition, they will support Egypt to develop 10 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar power, as well as to decommission 5 GW of inefficient natural gas-fired generation.

In addition, the US will strengthen proposed domestic methane regulations in the oil and gas sector to bring the country's greenhouse gas emissions down 87% from 2005.

According to the same source, the US will be the first national government to require major suppliers to set emissions reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement, leveraging the federal government's annual purchasing power of more than $630 billion.

These initiatives are part of the battery of measures that Biden will unpack during his time at COP27 with the aim of strengthening US leadership in the fight against the climate crisis and boosting global action and commitments, according to the same source.

Biden will demonstrate that the United States is delivering on its existing commitments and initiatives, while accelerating new and expanded efforts at the national and global levels, the statement added.