They beat a very good Inter Milan. Rodrygo in the 80th minute scored the definitive 3-2 that takes the white team out of the last place in group B of the Champions League

Real Madrid saves the match ball, although it will have to improve a lot

photo_camera REUTERS/JUAN MEDINA - Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid in action with Lautaro Martínez

The white team ended up asking for the hour after having a 2-0 score in their favour. Zinedine Zidane's team, aware of what was at stake, went out from the start to put pressure on the team. You can see that physically they are improving.

As a result of this pressure the first goal arrived after an error by Achraf. The Moroccan player was overtaken by Mendy and gave a ball to Benzema that the Frenchman did not miss in the 25th minute.

Before that Asensio had a very clear chance that the interist goal sent to a corner. The Italian team had also approached Courtois' goal with intermissions by Perisic and Lautaro.

Later in the 33rd Ramos head a corner splendidly after a block by Casemiro. Real Madrid seemed to be on track, but Inter's quality appeared at Barella's feet with a masterful spur pass which Lautaro took advantage of by passing to Varane.

Federico Valverde del Real Madrid en acción con Lautaro Martínez

In the second half Madrid shrank a little as a result of Inter's push. The white team accused of fatigue. Eden Hazard only appeared at the beginning of the match in a pass to Asensio. A clear chance to score. But the Belgian has to give much more. He does not enter the defensive dynamic of the team because of his lack of physical form. Some of us wonder if it is appropriate for him to start the matches at the beginning when he is not in the minimum physical condition. A bit like Asensio, who, being better than the Belgian, does not manage to achieve that speed that made him a starter.

Perisic made a mistake in the Madrid defence and drew the match. The Italian team has the quality to make its own opportunities, but if you give them chances they don't fail. Lautaro is a magnificent player who is always on the alert. In the next match on the 25th there will be Lukaku, more wood...

The entrance of the Brazilians Vinicius and Rodrygo gave Real Madrid more freshness; and, after the first one had entered from the left, Rodrygo scored the definitive 3-2 with a great shot that the interist goal saw pass like an exhalation.

Modric's entry brought more ball control and the white team held out as best they could against the Italian attackers. The Madrid players as a whole were reasonably good.

Rodrygo del Real Madrid celebra después de marcar el tercer gol de su equipo durante el partido de fútbol del grupo B de la Liga de Campeones entre el Real Madrid y el Inter de Milán en el estadio Alfredo di Stéfano de Madrid, España, el martes 3 de noviembre de 2020

Courtois was sober, well on his feet. He is becoming more and more entrenched in White's goal every day. He stopped a couple of actions by Lautaro and Barella.

Lucas Vázquez very well. Defending well, although it is noted that he is not a defender. He is willing to replace him and joins the attack with criteria.

Intermittent Varane. Very good above, well to the cut, but sometimes little attentive and not very forceful. In the first goal he does not arrive, although it is true that Ramos was very far from his place and without marking anyone. 

Ramos was very good. He had no easy task with Lautaro and although the Argentine scored, the whole game was controlled. Corner goal, he adds and continues.

Mendy very well. She dried Achraf and took the ball out with criteria when the Italian pressure was very strong. It has some punctual failure and must contribute more in attack, but yesterday in concrete it carried out its defensive work perfectly.

Fede Valverde was outstanding. He runs, runs and runs. Always with criterion. It contributes in attack, defense and is a magnificent aid for Casemiro and Kroos. A lung. You can see his physique. 

Kroos well. Intelligent and always available for his teammates. His physique is not yet with him and Zidane knows it. That's why his replacement.

Casemiro well. Strong when you have to be. He is once again the player who sucks up balls everywhere. He lacks a little bit of physique.

Regular Asensio. Loses a lot of balls and does not take risks. He limits himself to passing and passing. Handball. He has to defend and his physique is still not good enough. He is a little short of being the player he was before his injury. Little by little. He missed a clear chance in the fourth minute.

Benzema almost well. He was attentive to the failure of the interist defence in the first goal. He offered a lot, although his teammates could not find him. Just like Kroos offered himself in midfield Karim is always available up front. It is true that the Italian defence is very good and they had him under control. He left a very good detail in a header that Valverde did not convert by miracle.

Eden Hazard bad for what is expected of him. Transcendental party and the Belgian only gave a clear occasion to Asensio that the interist goal sent to corner. Physically he only holds on for 20 minutes. It lacks to reach that peak of speed to unbalance several rivals as it did in the Chelsea. The Huesca left him four meters and put a goal, but this is Champions. Here it is not enough with the quality, that the Belgian has it without a doubt. I would not put to him of beginning until it is not to 80% like minimum.

El defensa francés del Real Madrid, Ferland Mendy, se enfrenta al centrocampista croata del Inter de Milán, Ivan Perisic

Vinicius the expected. It fulfilled its function. He gave the team air and manufactured the 3-2 play. Then he helped Lucas with what he knew in defence. I say what he knew because he has to practice more in the back and be more active in defence.

Rodrygo well. Besides what was expected, like Vinicius, he scored the chance he had. It seems easy, but putting the ball where he put it and with that power it's not easy.

Modric well. He played only fifteen minutes, but he went out to recover the ball that Inter had taken from Madrid and he did it with talent and experience. If the physicist accompanied him....

In general he is well, but as we say in the headline "we must improve" if we want to go far in this Champions, if not in the eighths they will send us home like last year.

With Shakhtar and Borussia Mönchengladbach there will be no problem in principle if they are alert, but for more important battles either you improve a lot or you get lost.