France succumb to goals from Caldentey and Bonmatí

Spain win Women's Nations League under the shadow of Rubiales

La centrocampista española Jennifer Hermoso sostiene el trofeo junto a sus compañeras de equipo durante la ceremonia del podio tras el partido de fútbol de la final de la UEFA Women's Nations League entre España y Francia en el estadio de La Cartuja de Sevilla, el 28 de febrero de 2024 – PHOTO/FRANCK FIFE/AFP
Spain midfielder Jennifer Hermoso holds the trophy with her teammates during the podium ceremony after the UEFA Women's Nations League final football match between Spain and France at La Cartuja stadium in Seville on 28 February 2024 - PHOTO/FRANCK FIFE/AFP

The Spanish (women's) national team (although this should no longer be said, according to the RFEF) once again lifted a title after winning the World Cup in Sydney in August 2023. This time it was at La Cartuja, the fetish stadium of Rubiales' RFEF, and in front of 32,000 people who gave the stands a little more colour after the poor semi-final attendance.  

A minor title, but of great value for a team that lives in controversy and has not written the last word on its internal conflicts. The football of Montse Tomé's side was very good, as it has been for a long time, even in the hands of Jorge Vilda. Beating England in the World Cup or France in the Nations League is starting to become normal in view of the quality of professional football in Spain.  

Behind this trophy, which the players will celebrate at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid, remains the long shadow of Luis Rubiales and his kiss to Jennifer Hermoso in Sydney. The Madrilenian played 85 minutes at her usual level, but was not in the limelight after the game. Pedro Rocha did not hand out kisses at the medal ceremony and Aleksander Čeferin saw his whole life flash before his eyes when he was about to kiss (in the face) Aitana Bontamí and withdrew in time to avoid being burned at the stake.  

The tension of that trophy presentation was the culmination of what happened in that final in the antipodes of Spain. Nothing was natural and even in the celebration it was asked more than necessary to celebrate this title as there was hardly any talk of these players being world champions because of a president who rests in peace his professional lapses awaiting trial.  

Pedro Rocha comes out stronger. Another nonsense of this title. The supposed acting president or director of the management board is clear that he wants to remain in office and is not afraid to go miles and make promises to all the territories. Women's football also gives votes and this title, along with the Olympic Games in Paris in August, that is, with a president elected by vote, is decisive to continue in the office of Las Rozas balancing in the unfathomable world of federative football.  

Montse Tomé was not sacked. For the time being. Just as Vilda was sent to Morocco and wiped off the FIFA map as a candidate for the 2023 best coach award, Tomé could end up rowing in the galleys if the RFEF accepts the pressures to which he often gives in. The coach is not well regarded in the group. Hermoso has not hesitated to say publicly that she is hurt at not being called up after the World Cup. The breeding ground is bad and everything could blow up if someone beats Rocha. Even De la Fuente could end up out with her renewal just signed.  

Spain won a bitter title because the atmosphere is not the best. The dirty laundry is still washed in public, but the truths stay at home. Rubiales soured the World Cup party, but nothing has changed since then and this women's national team remains rudderless.

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