He apologised in his Instagram stories and thanked the coach for his forgiveness

El joven que insultó a Marruecos se disculpa y asegura que acudirá al partido en el Metropolitano

photo_camera AFP/GLYN KIRK - Morocco's national team at the World Cup in Qatar

With social networks everything bad is possible nowadays. Hidden under a name and a photo there are millions of people ready to turn the world upside down and create conflicts where there is nothing. They know that the media loudspeaker resonates loudly in every corner of the planet. A racist comment from the right environment can serve to set off the most powerful alarms of intolerance.  

Morocco is staying at the Eurostars Tower hotel in Madrid, the site of Real Madrid's sports city decades ago. Morocco's fans used to go there to watch their players, just as the Peruvians have done to cheer on theirs at the Eurobuilding, near the Santiago Bernabéu.  

Two teams with a large colony of compatriots in the Spanish capital will meet at the Metropolitano in a friendly match where a full house is expected. The build-up to the game has been marked by a comment on social media from a young worker at the Moroccan hotel catering company.  

Óscar Ménez, as his name appears on the Instagram account from which he made the comments, did not like the fact that the Moroccan players were staying at his hotel with the cultural and religious differences inherent to Islam and decided to hurl insults and disqualifications from the social network.  

The 19-year-old was arrested for a hate crime and taken to the police station while the hotel itself issued a statement in which it apologised for the incident and announced that the person involved had been fired and reported to the police, as well as revealing that the hotel management is also Muslim and is observing Ramadan. 

The worker who made the publications has apologised on his Instagram account and deleted the previous comments.  

Now you can see in a first "storie" "Visca Marruecos" and in another he adds that "I learned my lesson, I apologise to the supporters, players and coaching staff", as well as saying that "I have Moroccan friends".  

The most surprising thing is that he assures that he will go to the stadium to "support Morocco" and thanks Walid Regragui. This statement is in line with what the coach himself said in a press conference when asked about this event and everything points to the fact that Oscar Ménez and coach Regragui may have had some kind of contact to apologise for what he explained in his appearance, "I think we should not do more of that, he is a young kid and he is going to learn from this. Now with social media there are kids who are lost. There is racism in life, but I think it's more a social thing than a kid. He is a kid who has a life after that and I don't want to 'kill' him". 


Regragui wanted to insist on forgiveness to prevent this incident from escalating and causing disturbances in the stadium or in any other part of the world where Morocco may travel to be with their fans, "we are Muslims and in our religion we learn to forgive. We are going to forgive him, let him learn from this issue".  

The person involved says on Instagram that he is 19 years old and that "I have been on the verge of losing my job and ruining my life because of the kind of upbringing I have".  

A few hours before the start of the match, all parties have joined forces to stop the case and the unacceptable comments of a young man who, like so many others, lacks a lot of education to know how to behave on social networks.