We deserve it


Sanchismo has just given in the middle of Black Friday "a coup d'état to the Penal Code. The crime of sedition was eliminated at night and with malice aforethought. It is now called "aggravated public disorder". As if it were a brawl. The penalties are reduced by 70%. Almost free of charge. As the "blessed" Junqueras rightly said "everything will be cheaper in the future". The "pacifist" Otegui expressed it without acrimony. "Without Basque and Catalan left-wing pro-independence supporters, there is no progressive government in Spain. And that is what allows us to negotiate things". Negotiating means blackmailing.

In exchange for voting the General Budgets/23 that will allow Dr. Sánchez to finish the legislature, the enemies of Spain have obtained a succulent cut. The PNV new secret Quota until 2027 and seven international selections; ERC the disarmament of the Nation with a pardon for Puigdemont advanced by Iceta and Bildu, the departure of the Guardia Civil from Traffic in Navarre. Let's note that the exodus -the humiliation- of civil guards of Traffic in the Foral Community is granted to Bildu, the transfer is not negotiated with the legitimate government of the socialist Chivite. It is already known who is in charge there.  


The penultimate obstacle will be to dissolve the crime of embezzlement of public funds into an administrative offence because "public money belongs to no one" (the illustrious Carmen Calvo, dixit). And Griñán and his 4,000 signatories who certify his honesty.

And, finally, the pardon for all those involved in 1-O and the referendum on self-determination. As an early Christmas bonus, separatists and coup plotters have also been graced with an extra 2.5 billion euros to, among other things, subsidise the Basque circus and more infrastructure in Catalonia, to be managed directly by Aragonés.

Everything indicates that the coup d'état will be double and simultaneous in Vitoria and Barcelona with the support of Valencians, Balearic, Navarrese and Aragonese bordering the Principality.

The rapprochement and release of ETA members to the Basque Country is almost complete thanks to the dirty work, every Friday, of minister Marlaska and lendakari Urkullu. 

Steel block 

The Government has built an impassable wall of shame -longer than the Chinese Wall-, to remain in the bunker of La Moncloa until 2030. The media "vopos" will fire in all directions at the opposition.

The promissory notes signed in the palaces of Pedralbes and the Congress of Deputies (188 deputies, 21 more than in the investiture) have been paid religiously after a bloodless threat: the government has pushed through the super tax on energy companies and banks, has surrendered one of the pillars of the rule of law, and the confiscation of the very rich is enshrined. In other words, the rich. We, the usual taxpayers, will pay. Left-wing progressivism. Sanchismo pure and simple

History has been mortally wounded after drawing in the agrosphere a battery of concerns bathed in hatred, sectarianism and impunity. This is also what Illa and his collaborationist PSC are good for, preventing Jové and Salvadó from being suspended as MPs after being charged with corruption, as required by the Parliamentary Statute.   

These budgets, disavowed by 14 national and international bodies, will increase the debt and the deficit and will lead us into recession. But a tenth up or down, as Calviño and Escrivá argue, is nothing.  

From now on, the doctor president has brought forward Black Friday and will extend it until the end of next year. He will count on 30 billion from the European Funds to corrupt the citizenry through subsidies in May and November. "So that no one is left behind", they will pound our consciences by lying as never before.

The break-up of Spain, the attacks on the Crown and the Constitution, the "squatting" of the Institutions (from the SC to the Constitutional Court, passing through the CGPJ, Public Prosecutor's Office, State Attorney's Office, RTVE, Indra, Post Office, Ceuta, Melilla, Sahara, Ibero-America, illegal immigration, drugs, Health, Education, etc.), is closer every day. Demolition cannot be delayed. Regime change is urgently needed. The reinforced concrete block will be the best lever to attack Feijóo

The "pax sanchista"

The PSOE, like Fuenteovejuna, backed this controlled demolition, rising up as one man. The commander-in-chief did not move an eyebrow. The submission of the herd is absolute by land, sea and air, Caesar can rule for a thousand years, and what will Lambán, Vera and Emiliano do? nothing. Nothing. I would bet vermouth and olives that their deputies will repeat their seats in the next Legislature.   

According to the theories of the old astronauts, Sanchista vertical democracy will not allow this period to end without achieving its goal: a return to the past, eliminating - through the BOE - the Transition to return to the Pact of San Sebastián (1930), thus linking the Second with the Third Republic. Franquismo and Transition are simply eight long decades plunged into some black hole of the Big Bang

There is no better occasion in 2024, with the new victory of the supreme leader, than to allow a referendum in the separatist regions, another in Navarre to join Euskadi in compliance with the Constitution and a third on the same day on the Monarchy. Let us not forget that the PSOE opposed the Political Reform Law and supported the NO in the 1976 referendum, "going from law to law", the germ of Spanish democracy

These budgets will raise taxes by at least 30 per cent for decent citizens. Don't forget this when you vote in May

The "parliamentary stability", sealed by fire with disloyalty, will allow the new family law that Belarra demands that employers and SMEs pay for (there are apparently 16 kinds of families in Spain), the Trans Law, the animal protection law and the dismantling of the National Museums. How easy it is to kill the family. For all we know, it will be cheaper to beat a woman than a dog. All very progressive.  

A tax exemption has also been found for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Max or HBO, which will end up programming and paying for "The Four Seasons", Sánchez's NO-DO in the office and in his adventures halfway around the world, from Brussels to Bali. 

Our country is a pioneer in the world - apart from the "yes is yes law" that excarcerates rapists - because coup d'état will be allowed. Rufián put it in supremacist terms: "We have taken the toy away from the fascist judges"

Where does this victory of Sanchism lead us? To moral absurdity; stealing everyone's money deserves greater punishment than betrayal, rupture and murder. 


Apoyado en esta inmensa mayoría, no habrá Black Friday para rebajar los alimentos -Supported by this immense majority, there will be no Black Friday to reduce food prices - no one will talk about the hunger queues -, nor will they reduce electricity and gas bills, nor will they reduce ministries. We will have to wait for the January sales.  

In short: sedition has turned into sedation. Don't say it was a dream. The reverie of the Marchena boys. The seduction of Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón cheapens the challenge to the State and to the unity of the Nation. Laws are made "ad hominem", tailor-made for criminals.  

The last step will be to tame the Council and activate the Conde-Pumpido operation in the TC. With Montesquieu assassinated again, we still have Machiavelli to excite the new prince. And Carl Schmitt. It seems that García Trevijano will not allow the renewal to be by sixths (2 magistrates) and not by thirds (4) as established in art. 159 of the Magna Carta. Sánchez will find the unconstitutional shortcut, of course

It has all been another big lie. Nobody has asked us to harmonise legislation to eliminate sedition. In our environment, constitutional disloyalty and high treason are punishable by sentences ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment. Are there no laws in Spain to denounce the president and his government? 

The "pax sanchista" takes no prisoners. As Narváez confessed on his deathbed: "Father, I have no enemies, I have shot them all". The next step is sedation. Calmness, not tension. The first step - to polarise society - has been achieved. Sánchez has a year ahead of him to impose his "pax" at the stroke of a pen. The PGE/23 give wings to the new social-communist populism. They are accounts for the government to remain in government. 

Crocodile tears 

Minister Montero boasted that she always came home crying, like a good Cuban. But no. It was enough for the Vox deputy to remind her, in an unfortunate phrase, that the "only thing she had ever studied in depth in her life was the father of her children" for her to return to her everyday jargon. Fascists! Machistas! Anti-feminists! Nazis! 


She cried like a cupcake. The reality is that she has enacted a law that has put almost fifty rapists on the street and has directly insulted the judges for applying this law, this botched job. This minister is the one who supported the child abductors, Juana Rivas and María Sevilla. The one who kept quiet when the sexual harassment of minors under Armengol's tutelage was discovered in the Balearic Islands -a social communist territory-, the one who never denounced the abuses of the husband of the former vice-president of Valencia, Mónica Oltra. The one who a fortnight later condemned the murder of Iranian Masha Amani for wearing the hijab incorrectly. The one who reluctantly made a statement, without condemning the mother, as the alleged poisoner of her six-year-old daughter in Gijón. This is the minister who on both sides of the Atlantic has blessed relations with children if there is consent. That is called pederasty. 

The perverse thing is not that the opposition of the national socialist and communist bloc applauded her and forced her to turn around the chamber, the serious thing is that her "Sisyphean law" - thank you, master Santiago González - has put 11 rapists on the street and has reduced the sentences of 40 more. And the trickle continues. After barricading themselves in the Public Prosecutor's Office, the fascist judges - who do not study - have applied the law. This minister who multiplied the coronavirus in her suicidal demonstration of 8-M-20 (161,000 dead according to the ex-minister Miguel Sebastián), is the one who advocates the Trans law. Never have so few women done so much harm to so many.  


The support of Iglesias and Sánchez was simultaneous. Let's see what criteria the Supreme Court upholds, which cannot be other than benefiting those convicted of sexual crimes. They are not going to change the rule because communism is never wrong. But they are the only democrats... from the GDR to North Korea via Moscow, Havana, Caracas and Buenos Aires.

What is certain is that a burnt-out, profligate minister has been elevated to the altars of sainthood. She denounces political violence when it is her husband who mercilessly attacked the mayoress Ana Botella, she denounces violence when her co-religionists stoned Vox militants, when they beat up a militant and smashed her head open. Her spokesman Pablo Echenique assured that it was not blood but ketchup. It was her friends who scuffled Rosa Diaz in the Faculty of Politics, Soraya Sáez de Santamaría in her house and Begoña Villacís in the Town Hall, seven months pregnant. Montero is the one who wanted to guillotine the king.

They pretend to be victims - the first rule of nationalism - when their entire trajectory in word and deed is in line with the intolerance of the executioners. To use Sánchez's own words about the PP, they are a bunch of crooks.

The reality is that the PSOE has become podemised. And it cannot turn back. Lifetime agitator Pablo Iglesias hands out the bulls and "points" in his new platform sponsored by Roures. From this "mud machine" (El Mundo) he has already told the doctor president that "Irene is not to be touched". Objective: to neutralise Yolanda Díaz. The truth is that Yolanda neither adds nor subtracts nor divides: she multiplies by zero. She is nothing more than a Trojan horse to destroy podemitas. It would be desirable for Irene to head the empowered lists to save the soldier Iglesias after measuring herself against Diaz Ayuso in Madrid.  

The Bloque de cemento armado - the Sánchez gang in Albert Rivera's version - supported her in Congress, but 24 hours later the PSOE's subsidised "pata negra" feminists took to the streets of Madrid with Calviño, Isabel Rodríguez and Reyes Maroto leading a badly written banner calling for Irene Montero's resignation over the "yes" law. Where was Yolanda Díaz? In the equidistance trying not to bother the Monclovite tenant. She has not yet been told that she has gone too far. Politically speaking, of course. Her future is behind her. She has another way of doing politics and she asks us for it with all her "animosity"

In Vallecas, Doña Irene and her subsidised crowd barely gathered a few hundred comrades. They danced to the corro de la patata to celebrate her ideological resurrection and lead Podemos under the baton of her political scientist at the Complu.   

The CGPJ has given her a good hiding by considering that it is not necessary to write a report on the Law that has consecrated her as a protomartyr and heroine like María Pineda, in the Arrecogías del Beaterio de Santa María Egipciaca, by Martín Recuerda (1976). 

The augurs predicting the break-up of the coalition government and Sánchez's failure to run in the general elections are out of their minds. He will run.  Even more so now that he has inherited the presidency of the Socialist International (SI) - a travel agency - in which our president will make a mark with meetings and photos all over the globe. He is all about posturing and the Falcon. His mirror reflects that he is the best, even the only one. Have you heard any statement from the SI on the invasion of Ukraine, the spring in autumn in Iran, Qatar, Cuba or Venezuela? Admittedly, he has been elected unanimously. He is a winner. It would be nice to know how much he has cost us. Another state secret. 

The opposition in limbo 

International getaways suit the president. He recharges his batteries by greeting Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. He overflows with energy. He liquefies. His behaviour in the plenary session of the Senate confirms that he feels on top of the world. Feijóo is a nuisance. His dismissive and haughty treatment of the leader of the PP is unbecoming of a president of the Executive. The gestures betray a man who is arrogant and delighted to know himself. The more power he wields, the more danger he poses to us all.

Feijóo lacks several boils. The strategy was simple: ask him the four questions (sedition, embezzlement, "ley sísi" and the establishment of illegal referendums). And wait. Sánchez answered none of them and entrenched himself in the "construction of coexistence". Then, the Galician regional senator announced that he would not present a motion of censure with the current situation and that they would meet at the investiture of the popular candidate in Congress.  


He needs political and strategic support. An 'ideas factory' in Genoa 13 is urgent and necessary. Díaz Ayuso's company is always good. The aim of the first Popular candidate "is not to fill the streets, but the ballot boxes". OK. And hours later he assured in Alcalá de Henares that "there is still time for the president not to break Spain". That's why we have to take to the streets. Time is against us.

The most worrying thing about Pérez-Castejón in the Upper House was his contempt for freedom of expression. He brandished the newspaper El Mundo against Feijóo and accused him of being a hostage of the conservative press. Even Juan Luis Cebrián had to remind him of his colonisation of the social media: RTVE, PRISA, La Sexta, La Cinco, la SER, RNE, the BOE, the CIS and thousands of digital newspapers. He has it all, but nothing is enough to fulfil the ambition of the first socialist in the known universe.

Sanchismo destroys what it does not control. That is why we must go out to defend democracy and the Constitution. That is what thousands of policemen and civil guards did on Saturday against the "band of separatist republican bilduetarras and antisitema"

They are "painfully fed up" with the humiliation they suffer in pay - they are paid 30 per cent less than the regional police - and they have to lend each other their warm clothing and bulletproof vests. The minister leaves them hanging in Ceuta, Melilla, Campo de Gibraltar, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Navarre. They will soon lose their surveillance powers on the coasts of Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya. Bildu demands it. Sánchez is a shackled prisoner of Otegui and Rufián. ETA has killed 211 civil guards. This government always mistreats the FSE. You remember it and remind others.

This Sunday, VOX and the trade union Solidarity called on Spaniards in the town halls of the provincial capitals. The Plaza de Colón was once again the stage against "the government of betrayal". Abascal brought together tens of thousands of people. I was unable to be there due to an indisposition, but Bahía de Ítaca's political correspondent, Santiago Gómez, kept me informed. I listened to the speech after seeing that the ¡Sánchez, vete ya! has not worked since 1995.  


Don Pedro will never leave if he can. His ambition has no limits. I quote three of Santi Abascal's ideas that were written in the wind: "Treason must be criminalised in the Penal Code" after accusing Pedro Sánchez of "rolling out a red carpet for the coup plotters".

He denounced the reduction of sentences for embezzlement of public funds "to benefit the corrupt socialists of Andalusia". He defended verbal violence as a response to the physical violence of the left and described minister Montero as "mad", whom he blamed for applying "criminal policies and putting rapists on the streets". He asked the PP -absent- "not to negotiate anything with Sanchismo: "The only thing to do", he said, "is to fight them, defeat them, vote massively against them and throw them out of power".

Our special envoy spoke to the people. They were there to "defend Spain and denounce the lack of freedoms"; it was clear that they were neither socialists nor communists. The sky was clear. People get excited when they reach the end of the month. Many citizens are tired of this government. They will return to the streets to protest against Don Pedro and his infinite Executive.

They cannot change the winds of the Spanish ship, but they will adjust the sails to reach a safer port in May. The streets are heating up because of the social pain.  

All with the national team  

The brave Ukrainian people are bleeding to death as Putin starves and freezes them to death as in the 1930s. The European Parliament has called Russia a "terrorist country" and Belgium has asked Zelensky to formally apply for NATO membership. Our country is a "border" with the heart of Kiev. After cutting off electricity and gas, all that remains for Moscow to do is to poison the waters of the Dnieper. Glory to Ukraine! 


While King Felipe VI attends the support of Spain in Qatar without Iceta as minister of the day, the heroic Patxi López puts on the LGTBI armband in Congress, emulating the silence of the brave Iranian players who refused to sing the anthem of the ayatollahs' regime. He should be awarded a pensioner's medal. He is still as hypocritical as when Pagaza was assassinated. Too much is going on for everything to stay the same. A draw against Germany could put us at the top of the group.

The presidential activity of the last fortnight can be described as dizzying. We have recounted his adventures in a never-ending chronicle. We admire his perseverance in wickedness. And although we remain in resistance, we recognise that, given the lukewarmness of the right, the bickering of the liberals and the blunders of the voxists, perhaps we deserve this president. Maybe history stands still, we can't get off, and it doesn't work without our Metternich.

We hope for a constitutional sunset, even if coexistence is fragmenting and the horizon is unattainable. For the time being.

Antonio Regalado directs BAHÍA DE ÍTACA at:


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