I sell advice and I don't have any for myself

photo_camera Pedro-sanchez-presidente

Spanish proverb generally used to reproach those who spend their lives giving, and even imposing, advice as such, or the badly named 'recommendations' to others, but who, nevertheless, do not take them or apply them to themselves; they tend to exonerate themselves from their compliance or, despite their constant and unfortunate incursions into certain competencies, which are alien to them, they hardly know how to solve their own problems.  

It is a well-known and well-known fact that the world, for one reason or another, is in the hands of a group of unfortunate or unlucky politicians who are not up to the task, nor do they have the necessary skills to resolve the crises and major problems that surround and beset us quickly or at least efficiently. This fact is aggravated in Spain, where, unfortunately for Spaniards, they have an incompetent government, anchored in the past, revanchist, prone to civil war and totally sold out to the whims and caprices of Spain's worst internal enemies because it needs their support or approval even to go to the toilet. 

With oxen like these, we must traverse a long and arduous trek through a desert full of continuous dangers derived from his bad policy, the constant lurches and changes of criteria, the more than arbitrary impositions oriented towards aspects that satisfy and do not anger his 'colleagues' in the legislature and the continuous and unlawful twisting of the law, the inherent power of the institutions and the true legality and morality of his actions. 

A government that has accustomed us to movements of singular and abject self-publicity and constant bluffing in the face of an unfortunate Europe, only to end up, a few days later, falling into the greatest servility and followership of what it flatly denied days or hours ago. A government that hardly looks out for the general good of the nation and of all its fellow citizens, but rather to please its own and, what is worse, its leader's own exclusive personal survival, even at the cost of having to constantly, with malice aforethought, nightmares and even in a shoddy manner, demolish the best or most powerful and almost immovable columns on which the established regime itself and the aforementioned continuity of Mr. Sánchez rested. 

For this government, things are always very clear, although its solutions and the obligatory nature of the point of legal application of one or another determination varies according to the degree of friendship, the need to keep the caterwauling that supports it happy, and the level of approachability of whoever dares to breach the precepts of the corresponding regulations, when all of them are similar in obligations and should have a broad and clear need for compliance and legal compliance by all the citizens and regions of Spain.  

Depending on the need for the future support of the party in dispute with the rule that is intended to be applied in general or in particular, the moral and legal need for compliance is shamefully and undauntedly emphasised to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes even going so far as to justify and support its non-compliance, as is the case with the issue of the Castilian language in Catalonia. 

Whenever this questioning or conditioning of its total or partial compliance comes from the PP or from a specific region, such as Madrid, the government's own propaganda machine, and that derived from the numerous media palmeros who embrace it - perhaps in search of some kind of succulent subsidy - act ferociously against those who dare, with the simple aim of tearing them apart and in search of lost support, for the moment, difficult to regain. 

Sánchez leads a government that acts on the basis of Royal Decrees, imposed on the nation without even trying to reach a consensus with the main opposition party or the majority of the unions directly affected. In the purest despotic or dictatorial style, legislation is hastily passed in Spain in a matter of hours, forcing the Constitutional Court to devote most of its efforts to correcting the bad or unconstitutional decisions adopted by a government that first shoots and then asks questions, without caring who is affected by its barrage and in what way. 

Moreover, when corrected by such a towering judicial figure, it does not flinch a hair, looks the other way and continues its destructive work of concert and concord among the governed. He pays no attention to the resolutions of the high courts, he even tries to ridicule them or call them into question, especially if they are contrary to his own spurious interests or those of his own fellow travellers, who, while promising him continuity in his seat, collaborate in the execution or implementation of the law, collaborate in the execution or implementation of a malevolent plan, whose ultimate aim is none other than the destruction of the homeland, its symbols and the cohesion between the lands and peoples that form and frame Spain as a State and nation, which has the privilege and responsibility of being the oldest in Europe; factors, facts and elements that should never be renounced.  

There are many arbitrary, unlawful and almost always abusive acts and decisions put into practice by this government, which would be enough for a complete thesis of several hundred pages if one were to delve a little deeper into each one of them. They are well known because their vulgarity and vulgarity is so great that it is impossible to hide them; but, as they happen so quickly over time, there is almost no time to read them or dive into them in the required depth.  

Of those not overturned by the courts, many last less time in their application than a bun at the door of a school at break time, others end up submerged in the depths and cobwebs of drawers born to house files of little or no use, and of the rest, most are so difficult and complex to interpret that not even the authorities themselves dare to apply them, because they know they will never be worth anything, except to make them work for nothing, to no avail.  

We have recently witnessed a glaring fact, the energy crisis. A crisis to which various paternities have been attributed, such as the continuity or economic repercussions of so many years of pandemic with the economy at a standstill or at a standstill, the war in Ukraine, Putin's bad faith and now also climate change. These are all excuses which, although they contain some truth, are used profusely and ad nauseam to hide the real causes of our current situation.  

Causes which, to a greater or lesser extent, have their origin in the incompetence of governments and national and international institutions to weather the storm, in the intransigent ideologies of the parties and in the poor application of national and international contingency plans - in some cases non-existent despite the danger looming over Europe - which, in the face of extreme needs, would put in place the resources with which to deal with the crisis, The plans presented by the government to comply with the new emergency plans, which have been rejected on the basis of ideology, are not only a matter for the government, but also for a society fed up with being asked to make greater and continuous efforts by incompetent people, who only increase their expenses due to absurd royalties or disproportionate increases in dubious and arbitrarily remunerated consultancy positions. 

The plans presented by the government to comply with something that was sold to us as 'a recommendation that we were not even going to go near', consist of removing ties, turning off street lights, shop windows and monuments at ten o'clock at night and regulating the thermostat of the heat and cold of the outside temperature systems in an abusive and incomprehensible way. All of this is compulsory, with no complaints or coordination with those affected and the communities that must ensure compliance, and not a word about reducing energy expenditure by the macro government, nor about rethinking our capacity to produce energy (including nuclear energy), a comprehensive hydrological plan, the establishment of more water collection and storage capacity and a long etcetera that would really lead us to greater energy self-sufficiency and even substantial savings. 

However, the only official response to the obstacles imposed and the short time given to implement some of the improvements to the premises of the companies affected is that the laws are there to be complied with, the fines have been set disproportionately high - totally abusive because they are coercive - and... the president - as if it were a matter of fact - has been asked to impose a fine, Mr. President - as if things were not his business - after approving the Decree, took his various official flights to travel, as usual, to La Mareta, and I imagine that there the waste of energy for himself, his family and, foreseeably, his close friends, will not be taken into account or counted.