Fourteen executions in one day and at least 110 hangings in less than 30 days in Iran

photo_camera AP/HALABISAZ - In this file photo, Iranian police officers and others watch the scene as five convicted criminals are hanged in a neighbourhood in Mashad, 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) northwest of Tehran, Iran.

Ali Khamenei knows no limits to bloodshed and cruelty. To maintain his shameful regime, he is relentless in his executions and killings. This morning, 19 May, he executed 3 demonstrators in Isfahan.

Their executioners hanged 14 prisoners in Khorramabad, Kerman, Sanandaj, Jiroft and Rasht prisons on Thursday 18 May. It is clear that the executions are country-wide and not limited to one city and one province. It seems that Ali Khamenei was inspired by the 1988 massacre of prisoners to preserve the system. Five prisoners, including Ali Khorramshah Amrai, Najaf Soleiman Rashad and Firouz Yarinejad Garavand were hanged in Khorram Abad, four prisoners, including Hossein Pourcheh, Omid Janabadi and Nabiollah Zaboli in Kerman, two prisoners, Mostafa Salehi and Jamshid Karimi in Sanandaj, a Baloch compatriot named Nader Rigui (father of 5 children) in Jiroft and two prisoners, Mostafa Vafa'i and Farhad Vafa'i, in Rasht. According to the official Rokna website, an Afghan national was executed in Gohardacht prison on Monday 15 May. So far, at least 107 prisoners have been hanged during the Iranian month of Ordibehecht (21 April/20 May).

The transfer of death row inmates to solitary confinement to be hanged also continues. In recent days, six prisoners, including a woman, were transferred to solitary confinement in Kerman Prison, and on Wednesday, four prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement in Dastguerd Prison in Isfahan. The whereabouts of six political prisoners, fellow Arabs sentenced to death, who were transferred to solitary confinement in Shiban Prison in Ahwaz on 17 May, are unknown.

Last night, despite the heavy presence of repressive forces, the people of Isfahan walked and drove to Dastguerd prison to prevent the execution of three prisoners of the uprising who were hanged today. The repressive forces blocked the entrance to the prison and the people protested by honking their horns. The officers attacked the crowd and made arrests. In Chaharbagh in Isfahan, as night fell, slogans of "down with the republic of executions" and "down with the tyrant, be he shah or mullah" rang out.

On Wednesday night in Tehran, demonstrations took place in different areas, including near Evin prison, in the cities of Chitgar, Bagheri and Ekbatan, with the slogans "down with the republic of executions", "down with the dictator" and "down with the regime of executions". 

Meanwhile, the Pashtun intelligence-affiliated Telegram channel Saberin News falsified a statement by the PMOI spokesman saying: "Three honourable Isfahani youths, supporters of the People's Mujahedin Organisation, followed the organisation's directives and took up arms in the fight against the criminal regime of the mullahs". He concluded that "the terrorist organisation of the Monafeghins (PMOI's derogatory name) took responsibility for the terrorist operation in the House of Isfahan!".

In this regard, the PMOI draws the attention of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, the Human Rights Council and human rights organisations around the world, including Amnesty International and FIDH, to this intentional fraudulent fabrication to build cases and execute Saleh Mir-Hachemi, Majid Kazemi and Said Yaghoubi. It recalls similar fabrications such as that of 29 March 2023 and stresses again that the PMOI's statements are published on the PMOI website and on the Sima-ye-Azadi TV channel.