Hamas: "The monster of terrorism is in Tehran"

REUTERS/RONEN ZVULUN - Soldados israelíes observan los restos de una comisaría de policía que fue lugar de una batalla tras una infiltración masiva de pistoleros de Hamas desde la Franja de Gaza, en Sderot, sur de Israel, el 8 de octubre de 2023
photo_camera REUTERS/RONEN ZVULUN - Israeli soldiers look at the remains of a police station that was the site of a battle following a massive infiltration of Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip, in Sderot, southern Israel October 8, 2023

Who can ignore the fact that kilometres of winding underground tunnels, sometimes 60 metres deep and very expensive, as well as the existence of missile arsenals and drone factories, cannot be the work of Hamas? But the policy of complacency initially wanted to wash its bloodied hands of the mullahs' regime and declared that it had no proof of the Iranian regime's involvement in this war. 

In this war that is killing innocent children, it is Khamenei [the Supreme Leader] who is the winner, not Israel, without a doubt. Any war crime, on either side, benefits Khamenei, and he uses it to avoid a serious loss of strength, to motivate and excite his forces and to cultivate hatred in the region. One of the regime's officials, Mullah Hamid Rassaei, has said that even if 50,000 people were killed in Gaza, it would be to the benefit of the mullahs' regime. 

The longer Israel prolongs this war, the more it will lose. It may succeed in eradicating Hamas, but the monster of terrorism is in Tehran, which has been producing war and terror for forty years. It is Dracula who feeds on the blood of the children of Gaza and also on the blood of tens of thousands of Iranian children sent to the minefields during the Iran-Iraq war. It was only under the mullahs that terrorism and war were institutionalised. To this end, the Al-Quds Force [an elite unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] was created to lead militias in the region. 

Incitement to anti-semitism and islamic radicalisation

This war is a turning point that has opened two paths for everyone. The path of peace and the path of war. The way of peace is to recognise the two countries, Israel and Palestine. And the way of war is to extend it to other countries and to kill more. Maybe Hamas can be eradicated. But the continuation of the war and the massacres will continue to feed the more radical forces of Hamas and will also be supported by the terrorist banker in Tehran. For the main problem remains. It will fuel anti-Semitism everywhere, especially in Western countries. 

The mullahs' regime fears that the war will spread and does not want Hezbollah to get involved to prevent its expansion. At the same time, it supports the continuation of hostility between Israel and Hamas, and certainly not a full-scale war. Khamenei is determined to maintain this. And he intends to foment this hostility towards the Islamic world and the West. In his first speech after the outbreak of the war, Khamenei declared that "the entire Islamic world has a duty to support the Palestinians and, God willing, they will do so". 

He wants to elevate the main war between the Iranian people and their regime to a war between Muslims and Israel. And to forget the issue of the overthrow of his regime. The destruction of Israel is just a pretext to create war and to gather radical forces in the region. Khamenei never intended to go to war with the United States or to confront Israel, because he would lose and eventually lose his government. It should be noted that, in Iran, the mullahs have not been able to mobilise the people and trigger demonstrations against Israel. Because the people have been paying the price of the regime's war and terrorism for forty years, with the heavy toll of hunger and poverty for two thirds of the Iranian people. They know very well that this war only benefits Khamenei and they do not want to be fooled by the mullahs. 

There is only one war in the Middle East and nothing else, and that is the war between the Iranian regime and its people. 

Contrary to popular belief, the mullahs' regime clings to this war at its weakest point. It does not even tolerate a Western politician supporting the Iranian Resistance and attacking it. All other dictators have recently disqualified some of their deputies and further tightened the circle of infiltrators. 

The regime is surrounded by an uprising that it knows has no way out. All the economic and cultural factors that provoked the uprising are still present. And to get rid of it, according to an internal report leaked on 17 November, Khamenei claims that to break the deadlock it is necessary to create a crisis outside the borders and punish the Arab countries in the region, in particular Saudi Arabia. They have pursued a policy of moderation on the basis of the agreement. And internally, it was increasingly repressive. There is only one war in the Middle East and nothing else, and that is the war between the Iranian regime and its people. It is a war to liberate the country from the religious fascist invaders and bring peace to the region. 

Hamid Enayat, an Iranian writer, analyses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, highlighting the involvement of the mullahs' regime and, more generally, the impact of Iranian policy.