Iran and the Polisario Front

El norte de África es testigo de los peligrosos movimientos iraníes que pueden hacer estallar la situación en la región, especialmente con la Guardia Revolucionaria que continúa brindando marchas avanzadas al Frente Polisario, lo que amenaza la estabilidad en torno al Sáhara marroquí - AFP/FADEL SENNA
photo_camera AFP/FADEL SENNA - North Africa is witnessing dangerous Iranian moves that could blow up the situation in the region, especially with the Revolutionary Guards continuing to provide advance marches to the Polisario Front, threatening stability around the Moroccan Sahara

The threat from Iran has become a reality in Spain following the attack on politician Alejo Vidal-Quadras in Madrid. Fortunately, the hitman's shot missed its target of assassinating the representative of a law firm that collaborates with the opposition to the Ayatollahs' regime.  

Just at that time, the Middle East correspondent of the German newspaper Die Welt, Christine Kensche, published an article entitled "How Iran is creating a global terrorist network against Israel" in which she gives many details of the involvement of the Polisario Front, whose aim in the Sahara is to destabilise Morocco, which has significantly increased its relations with Israel. German intelligence sources and documents are cited.  

Alarm bells went off in North Africa and some European countries several months ago when it was confirmed that Iran had provided surface-to-air missiles and drones to the Polisario Front for use against Morocco and trained fighters in Algeria. In this strategy of extending its influence throughout the region using terrorist methods of destabilisation, the regime of the ayatollahs is using the Al Quds brigades, the international branch of the Revolutionary Guards, which have been active for years in Gaza with Hamas, and in some areas of the West Bank, with remarkable results, in Lebanon with Hezbollah, in Yemen with the Houthis and in Syria and elsewhere supporting certain militias and with bases and training camps for numerous Hamas members who on 7 October took part in the terrorist attack on Israel, using methods and displaying barbarism like the Daesh terrorists. 

The latest attacks carried out just over a week ago by the Polisario Front against the town of Smara in the Moroccan Sahara, claimed in a somewhat ambiguous communiqué, have heightened concerns that the global terror strategy against Israel is also being broadly developed against Morocco by using, arming and indoctrinating members of the Polisario Front.  

Christine Kensche's article in Die Welt recalls that, in Algeria, the parliament has unanimously voted to support the war against Israel and, according to German intelligence reports, "Iran is behind all these activities. The Shiite regime has woven a worldwide network of militias, which it supports with weapons, money and training and in return uses for its strategy of terror against the West as a whole and against the United States and Israel in particular'. In a conversation recorded on 23 October, some two weeks after Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel, a Polisario Front member assured a Hezbollah member of its readiness to attack in the Sahara.