The Führerprinzip, Spanish socialism and sedition

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What a great discovery! It is the panacea that the Supreme Leader of the hegemonic political formation of Spanish socialism has had the good fortune to unearth and put into practice.

It is the Führerprinzip, the dominant remedy in Stalin's communist Soviet Union and in Hitler's national-socialist Germany, which, like the ointment of Fierabrás, served then and now to solve any kind of problem or misfortune.

But some people think that the Führerprinzip or the boss principle means that the boss is always right and must be proved right, even if it is obvious that he is wrong. No, far from it. That is a very simplistic reading.


In reality, the Führerprinzip reigns when one and the same person is addicted to integrating and exercising executive, legislative and, of course, judicial power in the same package. In the case of the judiciary, if the Führerprinzip cannot dominate the high dignitaries of the judiciary, attempts are made to influence the decisions of those who impart justice, or those who govern judges and magistrates.

For some, there is nothing better than to subdue the course of a political party or a nation by blowing the whistle, to see how all the affiliates and sympathisers keep their ranks tight, to make them parade in a goose-step - in Spain, men without ties - and to demand that they repeat like parrots, each one in his own style, the arguments and dictates of the propaganda machine of the Beloved Leader.

The value chain of the Führerprinzip

The Führerprinzip radiates throughout the party's value chain, the vast majority of whose cadres and simple members applaud, keep quiet or bow their heads, convinced of the master's wisdom or in order to maintain their position, salary and perks obtained by elbowing and prodding.

The Führerprinzip is captained and watched over by the most faithful squires, those who obey without complaint what is one thing today and another tomorrow. A few barons and mayors, counted on the fingers of one hand, timidly question the rule. They know for a fact that the measure is detrimental to them and to national coexistence. But they do not dare to express it in the party's collegiate bodies and do not act accordingly. They could be called... cowards. To those who obey, put up with and swallow the cart and horse and cart, the term henchmen.

As an example, the paladin who a few days ago registered in Congress a proposal for an Organic Law to "harmonise Spanish legislation on sedition with that of neighbouring countries". Question: is this a crude manipulation so that, thanks to the Führerprinzip and its consequences, the recalcitrant separatists can once again subvert the constitutional order? And so that, if they fail, they can walk out of the courthouse door with a clean slate? 


The Führerprinzip has been dictated by the same guy who sits in the armchair of the secretary general's office, who has a president as a flower vase and who usually occupies the head of the Council of Ministers of a nation with many centuries of history.

A superman, who, being a man of virtues and living for and to reduce the price of electricity and fuel for his compatriots, wanders the corridors of his official residence, distressed at having suddenly seen how an infamy that he is not willing to tolerate any longer is still in force.

And so it was that the Supreme Guardian of the essences of national socialism ruled that those who committed such a crime in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia in September 2017 and were finally convicted by the Supreme Court should be pardoned.

Pardoned with a kiss on the forehead

How? Applying the Führerprinzip and doing what they want (K-factor). Said and done. All the separatists were out on the streets cheering for Spain and their benefactor. The result: a few are at home playing naively with their grandchildren - the fewest - and others are still scheming for a second revolution - the most.

The Supreme Leader of hegemonic socialism is worried about the future -his future?- and he is not willing for the Penal Code to maintain for a second longer neither the denomination of such a crime, nor the penalties it now contemplates. It doesn't want that, because of a "take away the straws" like the one that happened five years ago in Barcelona and other towns in Catalonia, some saintly men - and women - should find themselves in jail for a long period of time.


Executive order: take the Führerprinzip out of the drawer, add a few drops of K-factor and solve with a slap on the wrist -gentle, let's not get into trouble for mistreatment- the foreseeable new outrage they already committed in September 2017 What happened then? That the peaceful citizens of a secular confraternity planned and led a kind of neighbourhood procession with lighted candles in honour of Saint George's Day. And then a high court refuted the defendants' defence that the concept of sedition in Spain is "something more than a crime against public order". But what do these magistrates know about the law?

Anyone who believes at face value that the Supreme Leader wants to extirpate sedition out of self-interest is in a tremendous error. The aim of the aforementioned secretary general, Prime Minister and candidate for the presidency of the NGO "All for power" is none other than to bring about harmony and concord among all Spaniards. That is why, to the repeated cries of those already pardoned of "we will do it again", the Great Visionary gave them his blessing "urbi et orbi" and pardoned them wholeheartedly, but not before giving them an affectionate kiss on the forehead. 


Those who think that the superman who is the Mirror of Honesty will modify the crime of sedition so that the Catalan separatist formations with which he is in coalition will give him their support in approving the General State Budget for 2023 are mistaken. Nor does he aspire to continue at the head of his government of distinguished figures in science, the arts, literature and the Only Yes is Yes! law, a world leader in the fight against sexual abuse. He intends to captain the European Union in the second half of next year, which will entail the great personal sacrifice of having to travel again and again in VIP planes and be acclaimed and revered in the praise of the crowds.

In a stroke of luck, he seeks to propitiate Salvador Illa's electoral victory in the upcoming elections in Catalonia. Such is his unselfish and generous style that some of his most faithful acolytes have heard the Beloved Leader ruminate that he is willing to change and go to jail in place of his close friend José Antonio Griñán. Nor has it crossed his mind to grant him a pardon or to apply some legal trick to avoid a six-year prison sentence. He knows that if Griñán, during his time in the Junta de Andalucía, had his eyes closed to the multi-million ERE fraud committed by his acolytes, it was because he was diagnosed with... cataracts.