Minister Bolaños, President Sanchez's envoy to stage a mini 2 de mayo

The idea was to simulate an institutional scuffle and grab the attention of the media in order to tarnish as much as possible the official act of the Day of the Community of Madrid. 

Knowing the characters, can anyone with two fingers on the pulse think that Minister Félix Bolaños would go "motu proprio" to the civic-military parade organised by the regional government of Madrid without having received the order or approval of President Sánchez?

Was the Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory and, if that were not enough, also Secretary of the Council of Ministers, so disproportionate in his interest in getting involved almost undercover in a protocolary ceremony to which he had not been invited? 


A celebration commemorating the popular uprising of 2 May 1808, which gave rise to the War of Independence to expel Napoleon's troops, a matter that does not fall within his remit and which the Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles, was already attending on behalf of the national government. 

It is common sense that Bolaños, President Pedro Sánchez's right-hand man and permanent duty minister, could not have taken such a trivial decision, but one with enormous media repercussions, without having received the mandate or approval of the chief executive. In my opinion, there are three possibilities.

The hidden hand of the BATAPLOF 

The first, that President Sánchez, at the proposal of the BATAPLOF, the Battalion of Advisors of the Moncloa Palace, and the plumbers of Calle Ferraz, will order manu militari his minister on duty to attend the ceremony... And let's see what happens!

The second possibility is that the minister, feeling jilted by his beloved president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will take the initiative and request the president's authorisation to attend, regardless of whether or not he has received an official invitation... And let's see what happens!


In either case, Minister Bolaños attended the main event of the Community of Madrid's festival commemorating the 2nd of May 1808 as President Sánchez's mandao. 

But there is a third possibility, and that is that Félix Bolaños is a fan of parades with a military presence and does not miss any of them, wherever they may be. And his wish was to be in the tribune of authorities, in an elevated position, to witness the martial passage of the army and Guardia Civil units parading through the Puerta del Sol.


Be that as it may, he was on President Sánchez's errand, he was aware of what could happen if he tried to sneak in, and in the end he was left composed and without a girlfriend. That is why the phrase "Manolete, Manolete, si no sabes torear pa que te metes" (Manolete, Manolete, if you don't know how to bullfight, what are you getting into?