This cycle highlights the life and work of some of Andalusia's intellectuals

Cinema in January at the Three Cultures Foundation: Intellectuals of Andalusia: 'Letters from Argonida'

The Three Cultures Foundation presents a series of documentaries on great Andalusian figures who have left a legacy worth remembering.

With this cycle we aim to highlight the life and work of some of the Andalusian intellectuals, to support the production companies that are committed to disseminating this legacy and at the same time to acknowledge the great work of Canal Sur Radio and Canal Sur Television in their commitment to the dissemination of documentary films, their support for the Andalusian audiovisual industry and their contribution to its development in Andalusia.

Tuesday, 30 January, 20.30 h.

Letters from Argonida. Juan Luis de No. Spain, 2016, 89 min.

A journey through the memory and thoughts of the Jerez writer José Manuel Caballero Bonald.

Argonida is that paradise that as a child got into the soul of the writer José Manuel Caballero Bonald when he crossed the Guadalquivir to enter Doñana, "an ignored and archaic world" that he was never able to leave either in life or in literature. In this mythical territory, the source of inspiration for his work, the poet spent most of his last years. From these landscapes of limitless horizons, the mythical territory of the Argonida, which in his particular imagination occupies a real place in Andalusian geography, he invites us on a sensory journey through his memory, his thought and his work. José Manuel Caballero Bonald was awarded the Cervantes Prize in 2012.

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