In his latest book, Miguel Ángel Benedicto Solsona analyses the EU's position in the current moment of geopolitical struggles and uncertainties

The European Union as a global power

Banderas de la Unión Europea - PHOTO/FILE
photo_camera PHOTO/FILE - Flags of the European Union

Miguel Ángel Benedicto Solsona launches the book "The European Union as a global power. Strategic autonomy and geopolitical awakening", published by Tirant, which deals with the different responses and positions of the European Union in the face of the struggles and uncertainties that the world is currently experiencing. 

Brexit, a less reliable United States, a revisionist Russia and an increasingly assertive China, challenges such as climate change, artificial intelligence and migration are forcing the development of greater strategic autonomy and the geopolitical awakening of Europe. 

After the pandemic, supply chains collapsed and the EU saw the need to become more self-sufficient in energy, industry, food, health, technology, security and defence. To achieve this, Europe must develop a strategic autonomy that allows it to be less dependent on third parties in complex crisis situations.


The EU cannot be just a referee and must aspire to be a global player with a stronger foreign policy and an autonomous defence complementary to NATO that allows it to keep its neighbourhood stable. 

This book addresses all these issues and seeks to analyse European responses to the current moment of geopolitical uncertainty and struggle.  

As the European Union seeks its place in the global world, while powers such as China and the United States are locked in a cold war, Russia brings war back to the European continent with its invasion of Ukraine, and instability grips North Africa and the Sahel.

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