The Three Cultures Foundation and the Seville City Council organise the I Festival "Seville, Land of Diversity"

The event will take place on 25 May at the Official Language School of Seville 
Fundación Tres Culturas
The Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean

Seville City Council, through the Department of Preferential Attention Neighbourhoods and Social Rights, and the Macarena District and the Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean, are organising the 1st "Seville, Land of Diversity" Festival, which will take place on 25 May at the Official Language School of Seville. 

This is a proposal framed within the commemoration of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (celebrated by UNESCO every 21 May), whose objective is to create a meeting place in which to get to know and share the cultural manifestations of the different nationalities that coexist in Seville. Hence the choice of the Macarena District, where people from some 40 different countries come together. 

The Three Cultures Foundation, co-organiser of this event, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2024. A quarter of a century in which it has worked tirelessly to promote diversity, the meeting of cultures, dialogue and mutual respect between people of different origins, religions and traditions.

In fact, this institution has spent a decade organising special cycles of activities in May to commemorate World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, a celebration for which, on this occasion, it has joined forces with Seville City Council to bring this programme to the streets, specifically to an area that is an example of diversity and plurality. 

Fundación Tres Culturas
The Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean

This festive day will begin at 17.00 hours with a parade from the Glorieta de San Lázaro to the Official Language School (EOI) along Avenida Doctor Fedriani. The procession will include the batucada "Jalearte" and representatives from different communities in the area. 

At the EOI, from 18.00 hours, the festival will be inaugurated and the prizes for the poster competition in which the schools of the Macarena District have participated will be awarded, highlighting diversity and interculturality. This will be followed by three consecutive concerts of Latin music (by the Colombian artist Juana Gaitán), Moroccan music (with the group Gnawa Universal) and the end of the festival by the group Mama África. 

In addition, attendees will be able to enjoy workshops and informative displays thanks to the participation of various associations that have been involved in this proposal from the beginning and throughout its development, in a consensual and collaborative process. These are Movimiento contra la Intolerancia, CODENAF, CEPAIM, Asociación de Nicaragüenses en Sevilla, Fundación SAMU, Federación de asociaciones culturales bolivianas FECUBOL SAYARI, AVANTI Andalucía, Sevilla Acoge, ACCEM, Mujeres entre mundos, Asociación cultural japonesa Wakei, Asociación cultural IGBO Sevilla, Asociación la tontina de mujeres senegalesas en Sevilla and the federación de Asociaciones Multiculturales de Andalucía (FAMA). 

As parallel activities, storytelling will be held during this week in two educational centres in the neighbourhood. Specifically, the students of CEIP Pedro Garfias will enjoy on Tuesday 21 (from 10.30 am) with the "Tales of sun and wind" by the company Escenoteca, while on Friday 25 Jhon Ardila will bring his stories to CEIP Francisca Romero. 

All this completes a week dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion, understanding plurality as an element of cultural richness that builds bridges for coexistence, beyond stereotypes and prejudices.