The general manager of Transportes Calsina Carré spoke to Atalayar on the occasion of the event "Doing Business in Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region"

Alba Carré: "Morocco is a strategic axis for the growth of our company"

PHOTO/ATALAYAR/GUILLERMO LÓPEZ - Alba Carré Colls, CEO de Calsina Carré Transports & Logistics
PHOTO/ATALAYAR/GUILLERMO LÓPEZ - Alba Carré Colls, CEO of Calsina Carré Transports & Logistics

Transportes Calsina Carré is a 50-year-old transport and logistics company with an international presence in several European countries and also in Morocco. The company's general manager, Alba Carré, spoke to Atalayar on the occasion of the event "Doing Business in Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region" to talk about its activity in the North African country and investment opportunities. 

Your speech at the forum, explaining the experience of Transportes Calsina Carré in Morocco, specifically in Tangier, was much commented on. What did you think of this event? Is there a need for more information on these opportunities for entrepreneurs? 

This type of event is important to stimulate, to promote knowledge between two countries in which we really have many business opportunities. It is true that there are often barriers of knowledge and mistrust that this type of event helps to overcome, putting useful information on the table for those entrepreneurs who may be interested.

So let's get to that useful information: what is Calsina Carré and how long has it been present in Tangiers? 

Transportes Calsina Carré is a transport and logistics company with 50 years of experience. We have an international presence in several European countries and also in Morocco, where we have been operating for 20 years. As a group we have about 1,000 trucks, of which we already have about 200 that we move from our office in Tangiers, where we have many customers, especially in the automotive and textile sectors. There is no doubt that Morocco is a strategic axis for our growth and we are convinced of the country's potential.

PHOTO/Calsina Carré - Los vehículos de Calsina Carré Transports & Logistics
están equipados con geolocalizadores para su seguimiento en la plataforma Webtrack
PHOTO/Calsina Carré - Calsina Carré Transports & Logistics vehicles are equipped with geolocators for tracking on the Webtrack platform

The road has certainly not been easy, but success has come. What were the beginnings like? Who helped you and how was it possible to develop the business? 

The beginnings are always complicated. It is true that, in the specific case of Morocco, we were lucky enough to go hand in hand with a great historical client of ours, for whom we still work, a client in the automotive sector. Thanks to this client, we made our first forays, then we helped ourselves with local partners and we built up our network of contacts. As the years went by, we gained confidence, we set up our own resources and, today, we are not only in the top 3 of the international transporters of the Moroccan export industry, but we are also planning new, quite aggressive projects, such as the construction of a logistics warehouse.

How big is Transportes Calsina Carré now, in terms of number of employees, turnover...? 

Transportes Calsina Carré as a group has a turnover of around 200 million euros. We have around 900 employees and around a thousand lorries. Specifically, our company in Morocco is already moving around 250 people. To give a very representative figure, when we talk about Spain-Morocco, 17,000 Calsina Carré lorries cross the Strait of Gibraltar every year between Algeciras and Tangiers.

PHOTO/Calsina Carré - Calsina Carré Transports & Logistics, tiene más de 20 años de experiencia en el mercado marroquí
PHOTO/Calsina Carré - Calsina Carré Transports & Logistics has more than 20 years of experience in the Moroccan market

In addition to the business, would you point out that there is a good quality of life in Tangiers? Because it is not only about setting up the business, but also about having schools for the children, sports facilities, restaurants, entertainment for the weekend... 

Clearly. In fact, I think we discussed this with many of the other speakers and among the Catalans and Spaniards who are in Tangiers. It is a city that has a lot to offer. I think it is a city that combines a lot of Moroccan culture with a European type of offer, if I can put it that way. It is very pleasant, the people are very friendly, there is a lot to offer in terms of leisure activities, and there are many alternatives in terms of schooling. I think it is a very attractive city to live in. 

I have heard you say that there is a need for drivers, so we are not going to go to the high-rise or mid-rise employer either, but just as it happened during the economic crisis in Spain, when many workers found jobs in Morocco, they can now consider asking for a job in Transportes Calsina Carré, which needs drivers. 

Absolutely; the shortage of drivers is a global problem that is affecting the logistics chain at European level and I would dare say worldwide. Morocco offers us a possibility to find this workforce which, for many reasons, is probably in short supply in Europe. This is another competitive advantage that you can have if you are present in the country.

PHOTO/Calsina Carré
- Conexión con los recursos europeos de Calsina Carré para ampliar combinaciones y capacidad
PHOTO/Calsina Carré - Connecting with Calsina Carré's European resources to expand combinations and capacities

Moreover, progress in these North African countries, not only from a geopolitical point of view, but also from a security, social and economic point of view, is also our security and our progress. 

That is correct. We have been in Morocco for 20 years, specifically in Tangiers, and the truth is that I can describe it as a stable country, a country in which its fiscal dynamics are well understood and where there is much greater security than people usually have in mind. 

And legal certainty too, because the new Investment Charter guarantees legal certainty: you can repatriate your profits... 

This is indeed the case. We are still at the stage of investment rather than repatriation of profits, because what we want to do is reinvest to make our company bigger in Morocco. But it's true that the legal context is in line with the situation.

PHOTO/Calsina Carré - La división tecnológica de Calsina Carré es la encargada de liderar el desarrollo de las soluciones tecnológicas y de innovación para el Grupo
PHOTO/Calsina Carré - Calsina Carré's technology division is responsible for leading the development of technological and innovation solutions for the Group

Finally, the organisation of the 2030 Football World Cup will involve many sectors, including transport? 

Apart from the fact that all our employees are very happy, because it will be a shared event between subsidiaries of the group, and it is something we are very excited about, I have experienced this year's World Cup matches in which Morocco and Spain were playing and the logistics chain in Tangiers came to a halt, even if it was only for an hour. So, I'm sure it will affect us, but we're delighted that it will.