The ten times world champion has achieved a challenge never before achieved: sailing her kitesurf board in an offshore wind farm

Gisela Pulido, Iberdrola's ambassador, sails among the wind turbines at the East Anglia One offshore wind farm

Gisela Pulido en el parque eólico East Anglia One
Gisela Pulido at East Anglia One Wind Farm

Iberdrola's ambassador and ten-time world champion, Gisela Pulido, has achieved a challenge never before reached, sailing with her kitesurf board in an offshore wind farm.  

To do so, she has travelled to the North Sea (United Kingdom) where one of the largest offshore wind farms in Europe is located, East Anglia One, which, with its 102 windmills, occupies an area of 300 km2 and produces clean energy for 630,000 British homes.   

After travelling more than 50 km from the port of Lowestoft, from where the expedition departed, East Anglia One is the ideal setting for such a special sailing trip. Gisela was in the open sea, alone with the windmills, her kite, her board, and only one energy, the wind. 

Iberdrola is the main promoter of women's sport in Spain. It supports 32 national sports federations, gives its name to 32 top-level leagues and another 100 competitions. The boost reaches two out of every three federated women in Spain - a total of more than 600,000 sportswomen - and the number of women's licences in the Federations it supports has grown by 36%. In addition, in Brazil and Scotland it also promotes women's football through its subsidiaries Neoenergia and ScottishPower. 

Gisela is preparing for her qualification to represent Spain at the Olympic Games in Formula Kite, a speed kitesurfing discipline, where she will have the next chance to win an Olympic place at the European Championships in Portsmouth, UK.