Indra closes agreements with DTS and Aeromac to collaborate in aerospace and defence projects in Chile

As part of its commitment to the region, the company strengthens ties with two of the most important companies in the sector to develop cutting-edge solutions and provide a top-level service to its clients in the country
Aeromac Indra
Aeromac Indra

Indra has signed agreements with DTS, a subsidiary of Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica (ENAER), and Aeromac aeronautical maintenance centre to work in projects related to the defence, aerospace, telecommunications and critical security sectors, on the one hand, and in the support of aerial platforms, on the other.

Andrés Burghi, Indra's Director of Air Traffic and Defence in South America signed the first agreement with DTS' General Manager, Roberto Avendaño, and signed the second one with Aeromac's General Manager, Jorge Mandujano, within the framework of the FIDAE aerospace and defence fair which is being held this week in Chile. 

With these alliances, Indra shows its commitment to the region and seeks to further strengthen its links with companies and research centres in the country, contributing to the development of cutting-edge systems and providing services of the highest level of excellence to its clients, especially to the Chilean Armed Forces.

In this sense, the agreement with DTS enhances Indra's position to take part in initiatives linked to the ambitious National Space Programme launched by the Chilean government, at a time when the relevance of space is growing worldwide.  Indra has recently created a space subsidiary with the aim of developing a civil and military offering with end-to-end capabilities along the entire value chain, as well as leveraging the international ecosystem of potential shareholders and partners to accelerate its growth.

Indra and Aeromac have also expressed their interest in working together on initiatives linked to the lifecycle of defence infrastructures and systems, a critical area for the operability of armies and which is undergoing strong development, moving towards 4.0 support, with the emergence of new digital technologies, the incorporation of artificial intelligence and the need to maintain increasingly advanced and complex platforms.

Aeromac Indra
Aeromac Indra

With these agreements, Indra strengthens its relationship with two of the most important companies in the defence sector that best understand the needs of the Ministry of Defence and other large customers in Chile. The sharing of knowledge, capabilities and experience will result in a higher level of excellence, which is key to meet the technological challenges they face.

Indra has been supporting the modernisation of some of Chile's most important critical infrastructures for thirty years and is deeply committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the security of its citizens. The collaboration with DTS and Aeromac will help in this objective, as well as to provide a better service to customers in the country, in line with the objectives of Indra's new Leading the Future Strategic Plan.

As one of the benchmark companies in the global defence sector, Indra manufactures some of the world's most advanced radars that NATO and armies around the world, including countries in the Americas, are currently operating with. It is also the national coordinator of the FCAS programme to develop the Future Air Combat System, a revolutionary system comprising a sixth-generation aircraft and several carriers or drones that will operate within a combat cloud. It is also developing next-generation command and control, communications, sensors and electronic defence systems and incorporating the most advanced digital technologies into system and platform sustainment.