Indra will renew the ticketing system of the St. Louis Metro, in the United States

With new state-of-the-art and more accessible equipment
Metro de San Luis, Estados Unidos
St. Louis Metro, United States
  1. Boosting sustainable mobility

Indra, a leading global technology and consulting company, has been awarded a contract worth close to 15 million euros to renovate the ticket vending and recharge systems (TVM-Ticket Vending Machine) of the St. Louis Metro network, MetroLink, in Missouri (USA), through Bi-State Development, a public interstate agency that operates public transport services in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

The contract includes the design, manufacture and supply of the new state-of-the-art vending machines that will replace the current ones, also supplied by Indra between 2006 and 2012, distributed in the 38 stations of the St. Louis Metro network. Indra will also be responsible for implementing a cloud-based management system to monitor and control the machines, as well as their maintenance.

The new systems, based on Indra's Mova Collect line of solutions, will improve the user experience with a more avant-garde aesthetic and larger screens than the previous ones to offer maximum accessibility and universal use. 

Like the old machines, the new ones will be designed to adapt to the extreme environmental conditions that characterise the San Luis area in winter and summer. In addition, the new TVMs will be prepared for the possible incorporation of the latest cutting-edge technologies in the market that apply artificial intelligence and machine learning for natural language processing, which improves communication between user and device.

This contract renews the MetroLink public transport network's confidence in Indra's smart ticketing solutions, with a collaboration that has been going on for more than 15 years. 

As Raúl Ripio, Indra's Mobility & Technology general manager, pointed out, "with this contract, on the one hand, we reinforce our mission as a company at the forefront of sustainability by providing the best service for the improvement and promotion of efficient forms of transport and, on the other hand, we ratify our commitment as a technological partner of ticketing solutions for public transport in the US, which allows us to develop local equipment manufacturing capabilities and to obtain new business opportunities".

Boosting sustainable mobility

Indra has recently implemented state-of-the-art automatic machines in Metro de Madrid, equipped with innovative natural language technology to facilitate passengers' interaction, in addition to its extensive experience as one of the world's leading ticketing companies, with its own products, designs and projects in the metro systems of Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Calcutta, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, among others. 

Indra's presence in the public transport technology sector consolidates its position as a benchmark in sustainable mobility solutions. Specifically, in the United States it is focused on growth in the public sector with the award of a contract for the implementation of its free-flow toll system on one of North Carolina's main highways, the I-485, the recent alliance with Parsons, an international firm specialised in technology, engineering and transport, and the creation of Indra Air Traffic Inc. for air traffic management.

The technology company has a unique track record in Mobility, with more than 2,500 mobility projects developed on five continents. More than 100 cities around the world, including London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Sydney and Manila, have relied on Indra's solutions to make their mobility more efficient, connected, safe and sustainable.