MASEN announced the possible candidates for the contract to build a new solar plant

Morocco advances its solar energy plan with Noor Midelt II project

FOTO/AP - Vista aérea de la central solar marroquí Noor 3 en Ouarzazate, en el centro de Marruecos
photo_camera PHOTO/AP - Aerial view of the Moroccan solar power plant Noor 3 in Ouarzazate, central Morocco

Morocco is about to award a new contract for the construction of a hybrid solar power plant in the Atlas Mountains town of Midelt. The project, known as Noor Midelt II, is part of the country's ambitious plan to increase its renewable energy capacity and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. 

According to Morocco World News, the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) has shortlisted six consortia for the final bidding phase of the project, which has a planned capacity of 400 MW. The consortia are led by ACWA Power, Cobra Group, EDF Renouvelables, International Power, Iberdrola Renovables International and Enel Green Power.  These companies have met all the criteria set by MASEN, and have been shortlisted for their extensive experience in the energy sector, in particular for their capabilities in the field of renewable energies. 

Noor Midelt II is the second phase of the Noor Midelt complex, which aims to combine concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) technologies with the capacity to supply constantly even during periods of low solar radiation or at night. 

PHOTO/REUTERS - Planta de energía termosolar se muestra en Noor II Ouarzazate, Marruecos
PHOTO/REUTERS - Solar thermal power plant is shown at Noor II Ouarzazate, Morocco

By March 2023, renewable energy has accounted for 40% of the total installed capacity in the country with the aim of reaching a 52% share by 2023. In 2022, renewables accounted for 18% of the kingdom's electricity production, in contrast to the 72% share of coal-fired power generation. The country has abundant solar, wind and hydro resources, and has invested heavily in developing them. Morocco also aspires to become a regional energy hub, exporting its clean electricity to Europe and Africa. 

Morocco's solar energy initiatives benefit the country's social development as well as the environment and the economy. According to MASEN, the projects have created, and will create thousands of jobs, improve local infrastructure and support education and health initiatives.  

Morocco has proven to be a world leader in the development of solar energy projects, which have enabled it to transform its energy matrix, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and improve its socio-economic development.  Morocco's solar energy projects are a shining and pioneering example of how renewable energy can be an effective and sustainable solution to address the challenges of climate change and the global energy transition. 

According to Morocco World News, the official announcement of the company selected for the award of this new solar plant reconstruction contract is expected soon.


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