Morocco allocates 950,000 dollars to study for the expansion of 20 airports

The investment aims to promote the expected infrastructure improvements and prioritise projects according to their impact
Aeropuerto de Marrakech - PHOTO/ATALAYAR
Marrakech Airport, Morocco - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) is funding a new study for the development of 20 national airports with a budget of 9.7 million dirhams (950,000 dollars). 

According to a report in the business magazine La Vie Eco, the DGAC launched an international tender to select a contractor to carry out the study. The aim of this plan is to develop a coherent plan for the development of these airports, taking into account the expected evolution of air traffic until 2045. 

Marrakech Airport, Morocco - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

La Vie Eco reports that the plan is intended to replace the previous airport master plan, which was drawn up more than a decade ago and rendered obsolete by the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fluctuations in air traffic patterns have forced a reassessment of the country's airport infrastructure needs.

The scope of the study includes an investigation of the development potential of each airport, with a focus on operational efficiency and optimising the passenger experience. Casablanca, where its own assessment is being conducted, was not included in this study. 

Marrakech Airport, Morocco - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

The 420-day study will be carried out in five stages. These include analysing and forecasting traffic patterns, establishing development projects tailored to the specific needs of each airport, and establishing a systematic framework for monitoring and implementing the research results.

The study aims to promote informed decision-making by providing accurate financial statements for expected infrastructure improvements and prioritising projects according to their expected impact. Morocco's aviation infrastructure is undergoing significant change, driven by the country's plans to host the 2030 World Cup in a joint bid with Spain and Portugal. 

In March 2024, Spanish government engineering firm Ineco won a contract to expand and modernise Casablanca International Airport. In addition to airports, Morocco is investing heavily in infrastructure projects, including stadiums and the construction of a road linking Morocco to Spain. 

Ineco is a private Spanish multinational company under the Ministry of Transport with 55 years of experience in transport, energy, environment and urban planning projects and committed to providing innovative, comprehensive and technological solutions in all continents and sectors.

With a multidisciplinary team of more than 5,500 experts, the company operates on all continents, taking advantage of its experience and capacity to solve technically complex tasks using specialised knowledge and the most advanced technologies.  

Morocco's National Railway Authority has committed to investing 16 billion dirhams (1.56 billion dollars) until 2030 as part of its development plan. 

Ineco will be responsible for analysing the air infrastructures and terminals at Casablanca airport in order to analyse the current situation and establish a strategy for the development of infrastructures and equipment to accommodate future passenger flows at the airport.