The aim is to use this energy for peaceful purposes and to develop an exchange of knowledge between the two parties through the promotion of investment in this sector

Marruecos y Arabia Saudí firman un memorando de entendimiento sobre la energía nuclear

Morocco's progress in the field of energy continues. The Alawi kingdom continues to create agreements to promote the renewable energy sector in the country, which has long been one of its main economic drivers. Now, in the search for new agreements, the North African nation has signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia to promote the development of atomic energy.

The treaty was signed by the Moroccan Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Laila Benali, and her Saudi counterpart, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman. The two parties drew up a communiqué which was presented to the press. In it they explain that they want to cooperate in this sector through the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

To this end, nuclear energy projects will be set up, including the design, construction and operation of the nuclear fuel cycle. Its plans also include the management of waste generated by the industry. It will therefore seek to promote the use of innovative techniques in marketing and engineering. This is intended to guide the new generations of nuclear power plants that will be created over time after the signing of the agreement. 


This memorandum has been drawn up with a series of objectives agreed by the two countries. The two parties are committed to increasing the commitments between them in this area. To this end, they will exchange knowledge on the subject and begin to promote financing and investment in both countries for the creation of new clean energy projects. 

The pact signed by the two parties is in line with the objectives of the Maghreb kingdom on the road to ecological transition. The memorandum is therefore in line with the "Green Generation" strategy. This is a development programme drawn up by Morocco in 2017 that aims to put the country on the path to a greener economy by 2030. The Kingdom aims to generate 52% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by the same year. Thanks to this, the Alawi country would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 45.5%. 

Among the country's plans, the Energy Engineering Society (SIE) has recently partnered with Greenrock to accelerate the country's decarbonisation process. It also aims to create an effective transition that will result in the nation's increased consumption of all types of renewable energy. 


In recent years, Morocco has become a leader and forerunner in renewable energy thanks to pioneering projects. It seems that the North African country is focusing on nuclear energy to further promote the nation's green industry. It is an energy source that is low in carbon emissions and contributes effectively to the production of electricity. In doing so, the two companies want to support innovative projects by helping private companies and investors involved in this sector. 

Many international companies are beginning to look favourably on its use, which they claim would greatly improve the planet's situation. "Nuclear energy releases 70 times less carbon dioxide than coal, 40 times less than gas, four times less than solar energy, twice less than hydroelectricity and the same amount as wind energy," reports Orano, an international energy company. 

Relations between Morocco and Saudi Arabia are quite good, especially when it comes to energy. Months ago, Aziz Akhannouch praised a plan drawn up by Saudi Arabia that aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. According to the Moroccan head of government: 'These initiatives clearly reflect the forward-looking vision of the leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to face the major challenges related to the environment and the phenomenon of climate change'.

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