Morocco becomes the largest contributor to the Spanish social security system

A record number of Moroccans affiliated to the social security system was recorded in May this year
Oficina Integral de la Seguridad Social - <strong>PHOTO/ARCHIVO</strong>
Integrated Social Security Office - PHOTO/FILE
  1. A record number of Moroccan affiliates
  2. A reflection of Spanish-Moroccan ties 

Morocco has become the foreign country that contributes most to the Spanish social security system. This is the second consecutive month in which it has done so. Countries outside the European Union are the ones that contribute the most people to the system, accounting for just over two thirds of the total (67.9%), with the aforementioned Morocco, Romania, Colombia, Italy, Venezuela and China standing out.

A record number of Moroccan affiliates

The Spanish social security system reached a record number of Moroccan affiliates in May. There are now 358,371 workers from the Alawi kingdom who contribute to the Spanish system, according to data published by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration. The second, which held the lead until two months ago, when Morocco jumped to the first position, was Romania, which contributed 351,890 contributors.

The overall growth is even more striking. The latest report from the Ministry reflects a growth of just over 77,000 taxpayers in just one month. This is a figure that reflects the good trend in Spain, especially if we take into account the fact that a new maximum number of foreign social security contributors has been reached, with a total of 2.8 million people.

Of all foreign contributors, just over 32% are from the European Union. There has also been a particular growth in the number of Ukrainians. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the number of Ukrainians affiliated to the social security system has increased by 50% to more than 70,000. What these figures reflect is a significant growth in contributions, which Spain needs and which are a good reflection of the prosperous relations that exist with countries such as Morocco.

El presidente Pedro Sánchez junto con  Aziz Akhannouch, en el Palacio Real de Rabat - <strong>LA MONCLOA / BORJA PUIG DE LA BELLACASA </strong>
President Pedro Sánchez and Aziz Akhannouch at the Royal Palace in Rabat - LA MONCLOA / BORJA PUIG DE LA BELLACASA

A reflection of Spanish-Moroccan ties 

The growth in the number of Moroccan contributors is a sign of the increasingly close relationship between Spain and Morocco. More and more Moroccans are choosing Spain and, consequently, contributing to a social security system in dire need of new contributions.

However, it should not be forgotten that this is a consequence of the still negative economic situation in Spain. The need for foreign labour and a greater number of contributors is the result of a time when the national economy is still in recovery and has not managed to emerge from a deep crisis that was greatly aggravated by the arrival of COVID-19 four years ago.