The launch of the new Renault Kardian compact SUV manufactured in Morocco is scheduled for the first half of 2024

Renault Kardian will be the first compact SUV to be produced entirely in Morocco

PHOTO/RENAULT - Renault Kardian

The fact that Morocco is among the countries chosen by the French carmaker is no coincidence. The growth of the automobile industry in the Alawi country due to major investments in factories such as the one in Kenitra and the modernisation of industrial complexes such as the one in Tangier-Med, are possibly the reasons that have led Renault to choose Morocco as one of its most important new HUBs for the French company far from its borders. 

Morocco is making remarkable progress in the automotive industry. The Moroccan Kingdom is positioning itself as a regional benchmark in the automotive sector.  The presentation of the Renault Kardian is more than the unveiling of a new model. "It is more than that," said Pablo Civila, President and CEO of Renault Argentina. This is a new Kardian will be produced at the Somaca factory in Casablanca, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Curitiba, Brazil.

The new roadmap, called "International Game Plan 2027" and which will require €3 billion, foresees the international launch of eight new vehicles (outside Europe) to position the brand in key segments of the new car market. "By 2027, the Renault brand aims to double the number of vehicles sold outside Europe compared to 2019," said Fabrice Kamboliv, CEO of the Renault brand, announcing the new strategy. 

"As our product innovations become a reality in Europe, they will make our brand even more global and effective. For this reason, Renault is launching an international offensive until 2027, reinforcing synergies with the launch of eight new vehicles based on limited platforms shared between different regions. Production of the new B-SUV will begin in Curitiba in January 2024 and will be launched in Renault dealerships in Morocco in March. Arrival in Argentina is expected at the end of the second quarter or beginning of the third quarter. 

The new compact SUV made in Morocco will arrive in Moroccan dealerships in the second quarter of 2024, after the production process starts a few months, said the director of the Renault Morocco group, Mohamed Bachiri. This was announced at the new presentation of the Renault Group's international strategy, as part of the Renault Solution plan, held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).  


"We are entering the second phase of this great process, 'Renaulution'. First, as I have always said, was Rebirth, which ends in 2023. Now the Kardian is the first model to reflect the new brand identity, and more models will join until 2027, so the overhaul has begun. The revolution, the third stage in which technology, connectivity and electrification will completely transform Renault globally, will begin in 2025, halfway through the revolution," said Pablo Civila. 

"We are using all our technical and human resources to demonstrate what this new model is all about. A car that heralds a completely new modular and flexible platform. There are no parts for other models. Everything is new. But most importantly, this platform can be used in cars of various lengths, and can support variable engines such as micro-hybrids, hybrids or plug-in hybrids," Civila elaborated in his presentation.


In addition to the large number of vehicles produced in Morocco, which have broken several production, export and sales records in the country in recent years, the Alawi Kingdom is also working to serve the European transport market. These suppliers are often affiliated with foreign companies and create more than 220,000 jobs. 

The success story of the Moroccan automotive industry has been highlighted by the prestigious Financial Times, which describes Morocco as "Africa's biggest car manufacturing hub" and seeks to strengthen its position as a manufacturer and active player in the global automotive industry.

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