More than $2 million in needed items and more than $6 million in total was donated for the reconstruction of state infrastructure

U.S. Chamber of Commerce donates $6 million for Morocco earthquake reconstruction

Esta fotografía de archivo muestra banderas de Estados Unidos y Marruecos junto a un mapa de Marruecos autorizado por el Departamento de Estado de EE. UU. que reconoce el territorio en disputa internacional del Sáhara Occidental (con la firma del embajador de Estados Unidos en Marruecos, David T. Fischer) como parte del reino norteafricano - PHOTO/AFP
PHOTO/AFP - This file photo shows US and Moroccan flags next to a map of Morocco authorised by the US State Department recognising the internationally disputed territory of Western Sahara (with the signature of US Ambassador to Morocco David T. Fischer) as part of the North African kingdom.

The US Chamber of Commerce in Morocco is contributing $6 million to earthquake relief efforts. In response to the earthquake that struck central Morocco on 8 September, the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco has announced significant donations from its member companies for rescue and relief efforts. US support for the Moroccan people is a further sign of the excellent relations between the two countries. 

Should US aid to Morocco be confirmed, it would be a further gesture of cordiality from a partner country that has been firm with Morocco's position on Western Sahara. In recent weeks the US had already offered to provide emergency assistance on the ground, but Morocco declined the offer of help and in the end asked Spain, the UAE, Qatar and the UK for assistance. Morocco's response was justified by the principle of having useful and necessary aid so as not to hinder the good coordination of the emergency teams on the ground


AmCham Morocco issued a joint statement expressing its sympathy for those affected. "Following the recent earthquake that struck the regions of Al Haouz and Taroudant, we express our deepest condolences to those affected by this devastating natural disaster," read the statement accessed by MoroccoWorldNews. 

Some of the companies gave away essential food and hygiene items. Donations were made to several charities, including the Red Cross, CARE International, the Mohammed V Foundation, which itself has received international aid funds, which will benefit from part of the state budget in addition to donations from HM King Mohamed VI totalling more than $100 million. 

AFP/FETHI BELAID - Residentes rescatan pertenencias de los escombros de la aldea de Imoulas en la provincia de Taroudant, una de las más devastadas en Marruecos tras el terremoto, el 11 de septiembre de 2023
AFP/FETHI BELAID - Residents salvage belongings from the rubble of the village of Imoulas in Taroudant province, one of the most devastated in Morocco after the earthquake, 11 September 2023

More than $2 million in essential supplies were donated, including food, toiletries, water, drinks, medicines, tents, blankets and other in-kind services, such as free Western Union money transfers or free UPS shipments, in addition to more than $6 million in cash contributions.

Procter & Gamble provided food, water, shelter and medical assistance, and Polydesign Systems delivered tents to NGOs operating there. In addition, Gynebio Pharma will contribute $25,000 in kind and MSD will donate $500,000 to Project HOPE and the American Red Cross. To facilitate the receipt of aid to the affected populations, Western Union has implemented zero fees for transfers to Morocco. 

PHOTO/AP - Banderas de Marruecos y Estados Unidos
PHOTO/AP - Flags of Morocco and the United States

According to the press release, "this will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the lives of those affected". Boeing, Cisco, Ford, GEHealthcare, the American Express Foundation and other US and Moroccan companies also donated. In support of other organisations such as Bank Al-Maghrib, the Red Cross Red Crescent and the High Atlas Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Lear, Mastercard, UPS, Visa and Polydesign Systems made donations. 

The Coca-Cola Company, Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company and SBGS donated the most money to the charities Bank Al-Maghrib, the Mohamed V Foundation, the International Federation and Care International, collectively donating $2.6 million. Disaster victims received immediate assistance from Adient and BC Skills Group in the form of tents, mattresses, mats, mats, clothing, food, hygiene products and other essential items. 

Americas Coordinator: José Antonio Sierra.