Suspected members of the Islamic State jihadist group

32 suspected terrorists arrested for preparing attacks on places of worship in Turkey

Imagen de coche de policía en Turquía - PHOTO/AFP/YASIN AKGUL
Image of a police car in Turkey - PHOTO/AFP/YASIN AKGUL

Turkish authorities announced on Friday the arrest of 32 suspects, alleged members of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group, suspected of preparing attacks on synagogues, churches and the Iraqi embassy.

They were arrested during raids by security forces and intelligence services in nine cities, including Istanbul and the capital Ankara, a Turkish security source told AFP.

"Two of the suspects (...) went to explore synagogues and churches," the source said. It also mentioned a third man who was planning an attack on the Iraqi embassy.

According to the source, all three suspects are senior members of the jihadist group.

Turkish police last week announced a major raid in 32 cities across the country and the arrest of more than 300 people for alleged links to IS.