Anti-terrorist operation leaves several arrested in different Spanish cities

Spanish security forces have arrested nine suspected terrorists in Girona, Algeciras, Tenerife and Almería 
La Guardia Civil arresta a un imán de una mezquita el 29 de noviembre de 2023 en Madrid - Guardia Civil / AFP
File photo. A member of the Guardia Civil arrests a suspected terrorist - Guardia Civil / AFP

New anti-terrorist operation in Spain. The Guardia Civil has arrested nine suspected terrorists linked to Daesh in an operation carried out simultaneously in Girona, Algeciras, Almeria and Tenerife.  

According to ABC, Europol is collaborating in the police operation and is investigating crimes related to proselytising and indoctrination, as well as the possible financing of jihadist terrorism

The aim of the operation is to dismantle a cell dedicated to the dissemination of Islamic radicalisation propaganda, which could be part of an international network. The detainees could have contacts with other radicals in European countries, adds the Spanish daily.   

On the other hand, as Europa Press points out, the operation is still open and the proceedings have been declared secret, and they have not specified how many searches have been carried out and whether there are possible arrests.