The leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, is accused of torture and terrorism

ASADEDH recalls that Spanish Justice has not closed the cases against Ghali

REUTERS/SERGIO PEREZ - People hold banners while protesting against Brahim Ghali, in front of the National Court in Madrid, Spain, on 1 June 2021

The Saharawi Association for the Defence of Human Rights (ASADEDH) reports on the recent appearance before the Spanish courts of several witnesses who have been subjected to abduction, torture and arbitrary detention by the Polisario Front. In this way, as ASADEDH underlines, "the Spanish Justice confirms the continuation of the case before the Spanish courts".

The official statement of ASADEDH is reproduced below:

Once again, the case brought against the Polisario leader Ibrahim Ghali before the Spanish courts is back in the limelight. Recently, the Spanish judge heard a witness opposed to the Polisario leadership accusing the group of abduction, torture and arbitrary detention in secret centres in Rabouni, Algeria. It is an important development in the course of the case, as it exposes the Polisario's false claim to its supporters, as it has worked to promote that the judicial pursuit of Ibrahim Ghali has ended and that he has been acquitted of all charges brought against him. Today, the Spanish justice system confirms the continuation of the case before the country's courts.


The Spanish investigating judge heard for 90 minutes a session of witnesses, where Moulay Aba Bouzid explained the details of the abduction, torture and arbitrary detention to which he was subjected, along with Al-Fadil Ibrika, in the detention centres of Al-Rashid and Al-Dhiba in the Tindouf camps on Algerian soil.

The Spanish judiciary has repeatedly rejected attempts by Ibrahim Ghali's defence to close this case, in which other executioners are also being prosecuted, including Al-Bashir Mustafa Al-Sayed, and Al-Mustafa Mohamed Ali Sayed Al-Bashir, who served as the so-called Polisario Minister of the Interior.

The Spanish judiciary had previously heard Polisario Front leader Ibrahim Ghali, accused of crimes related to torture and terrorism, in his appearance via video call before Santiago Pedraz, the judge of the Spanish Audiencia Nacional.