Military coup leaders announced the dissolution of the constitution and the transitional executive

Burkina Faso: new coup ousts military junta

photo_camera AFP/ISSOUF SANOGO - Burkina Faso

Military commanded by Burkina Faso army captain Ibrahim Traoré staged a coup d'état and ousted the military junta that ran the country under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba.

The coup leaders broadcast a message on state television RTB and announced the dissolution of the constitution and the transitional government, as well as the closure of national borders following Friday's tense military uprising in the capital, Ouagadougou. 

The incidents began in the early hours of Friday morning with gunfire and explosions in different parts of the capital city, especially around the presidential palace and the Baba Sy military barracks, headquarters of the military junta that ran the nation. The military took control of key points in the capital and completed the coup d'état. 


Burkina Faso's main city was placed under curfew after a day of gunfire and violence that caused confusion and moments of high tension. After the coup, Ibrahim Traoré was appointed as the new national leader and the Magna Carta was suspended. The new military government also decided to close the borders and cease all political and parliamentary activity. 

"The living forces of the nation will soon be convened to adopt a new Transitional Charter and to designate a new president of Burkina Faso, civilian or military," said the protagonists of the military uprising, as reported by the EFE news agency.

Despite the overthrow of Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, he was not arrested, nor were the other members of the outgoing government. "It is an internal crisis in the army and discussions are still going on within the military to find a solution without setbacks," said Lionel Bilgo, spokesman for the Burkinabe government, in statements to local television station BF1.


The military justified its military uprising by "the deterioration of the security situation", alluding to the harsh jihadist violence ravaging the country. They accused Damiba of pursuing the same security policy that failed under previous administrations. 

In the streets of Burkina Faso's capital there were demonstrations in favour of the military who have taken power and of sympathy towards Russia, which has been very present in the area in military advisory tasks and in the fight against the jihadism of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda or Daesh, which strike the country located in West Africa bordering Mali, Niger, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin, in the midst of a region shaken by terrorist activity. In other cities, such as Bobo-Dioulasso, there were also demonstrations of support with slogans such as "Damiba resign" and "we want peace".  

This is already the second coup d'état in the Burkinabe nation so far this year after the one staged by the deposed Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, which ended the government of Roch Marc Christian Kaboré last January. 

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