Highlighting the efforts of the UN and the United States to promote a political solution to the Saharawi differendum

A delegation from the MSP visits the European Parliament to discuss the Western Sahara issue

PHOTO/MEDIA PRESS GLOBAL - El primer secretario general del MSP, Hach Ahmed Baricalla, desvela el Manifiesto de Canarias para resolver el contencioso del Sáhara Occidental
PHOTO/MEDIA PRESS GLOBAL - The first secretary general of the MSP, Hach Ahmed Baricalla, unveils the Manifesto of the Canary Islands to resolve the Western Sahara dispute.

A delegation of the Movement Saharawi for Peace (MSP) composed of the first secretary and the person in charge of external relations paid a visit to Brussels where it met numerous MEPs.

The situation in Western Sahara and the current efforts on the part of the UN and the United States to promote a political solution, as well as the approach of the SPM to the possible solution of the problem were the subjects discussed with the European interlocutors. Also the Second International Peace Conference and the constructive role the MSP is playing in establishing itself as a key third track to overcome the current impasse in the Geneva political process.

The delegation reiterated its support for US and UN efforts towards a political solution, as well as its willingness to meet UN Envoy Staffan de Mistura in a country other than Morocco and Algeria. He also outlined the main features of his settlement plan announced at the Las Palmas Conference in Spain last September.

Most of the MEPs who took part in these meetings, who belong to different groups and countries, from the Greens to the Conservatives, expressed their satisfaction at the emergence of a "new Saharawi political force opposed to war and committed to moderation" in favour of a compromise solution in which there are neither winners nor losers.