Failed attack on Algerian General Saïd Chengriha

The Algerian government has responded to this incident by intensifying repression, as well as arrests and purges within the army and civil society
Said Chengriha, jefe del Estado Mayor de Argelia - PHOTO/FILE
Said Chengriha, Algeria's Chief of General Staff - PHOTO/FILE

A failed assassination attempt on General Saïd Chengriha, chief of staff of the Algerian army, has shaken the Algerian security services to their foundations. 

According to Euromagreb, based on sources close to the investigation, an explosive device hidden in a vehicle parked on a road exploded just after General Chengriha's convoy passed by

This incident led to a collision, followed by a fire that killed six people.

For years, the regime led by General Chengriha has repressed all forms of opposition and protest, imposing a state of fear and silence throughout the country. 

Arbitrary arrests, torture and enforced disappearances are commonplace in Algeria, while civil liberties and human rights are violated in the name of national security and regime stability.

This assassination attempt reveals the deep divisions within the army and the security apparatus, with voices questioning General Chengriha's authoritarian leadership and his absolute control over the country. 

Officers and soldiers who were once loyal to the regime are beginning to express their discontent and disagreement, fuelling fears of a possible implosion within the army.

In response, the Algerian regime has reacted by stepping up repression and intensifying arrests and purges within the army and civil society.