France intercepts Iranian shells from Jordan, confirms Macron

They were aimed at Israel in the early hours of Sunday morning 

France intercepted Iranian missiles and drones aimed at Israel early Sunday morning from Jordan, President Emmanuel Macron confirmed Monday, vowing to "do everything to avoid a conflagration" in the Middle East. 

"We have an air base in Jordan (...) Jordanian airspace was violated by those shots. We took off our planes and intercepted what we had to intercept," he said in an interview with BFMTV and RMC. 

Macron also said that by deciding to "strike Israel" for the first time from its territory, Iran has caused "a deep rupture". "What has opened up is very dangerous in terms of reaction," he said. 

"We will do everything to avoid a conflagration", the French president also promised. 

This means, he said, "trying to convince Israel that we should not respond with an escalation, but rather isolate Iran and persuade the countries in the region that Iran is a danger, increase sanctions, increase pressure on [Iranian] nuclear activities and then find a path to peace in the region". 

France talks "with all the countries in the region" and wants to be "a mediating power", added the French president, who was due to speak again on Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

However, he acknowledged: "It is the Americans who have a very important role to play in containing Iran".