Iran attacks Israel with cruise, ballistic missiles and drones

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its representative in the United Nations confirm the launching from Iranian territory of more than a hundred drones and an undetermined number of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles against Israel. Aircraft from the United States, the United Kingdom and Jordan have intercepted a good number of Iranian missiiles and drones. Several explosions have been registered in Israeli territory

Before midnight, Spanish time, the alarms went off when the United States detected the launching of more than one hundred drones from Iranian territory towards Israel and an undetermined number of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles​.

Shortly afterwards, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard confirmed the attack which had been warned as imminent in the last two days by the US intelligence services. 

In its X account, the Iranian representation at the United Nations communicated the launching of the attack as a response to the attack on its consulate in Damascus and described it as legitimate self-defense. It ended the text by warning the United States to stand aside.

Iranian-friendly groups such as Hezbullah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen have also launched missiles against Israel.

Meanwhile, information was coming in about the interception of Iranian drones by U.S. and U.K. planes. Also, Jordanian aircraft have intercepted drones flying over their airspace, prompting the Iranian threat to attack Jordan.

Alarm bells were sounded in Jerusalem when some of the drones entered Israeli airspace.

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has appeared to confirm Iran's drone and missile attack on Israel.

This is the full content of his speech before 1 a.m. Spanish time.

"Recently, Iran launched missiles from its territory into the territory of the State of Israel.

Please be alert and act in accordance with the directives of the Home Front Command.

The Home Front Command's alert system can provide real-time alerts in danger zones.

I remind you that no matter where the threat is launched from, when an alarm sounds you should enter the shelter and wait there for no less than ten minutes.

We will inform you in real time if you need to stay there longer.

The Air Defense Arrangement is fully operational and intercepts threats wherever it is required, even at this very moment. At this moment, numerous IAF aircraft are in the air, ready to counter any threat.

Explosions may be heard due to interceptions or falling debris.

Since there is a wide variety of threats, alerts may be issued over wide areas.

Please refrain from spreading rumors and unverified reports.

Please keep up to date with announcements from the IDF Spokesperson and official directives from the Home Front Command.

Continue to act responsibly and calmly as before and follow instructions.

We are strong and capable of dealing with this event.
The IDF will do whatever it takes to protect the citizens of the State of Israel.
In the next hour, I will appear here again and provide updates on any new developments."
At this time, some drones and missiles are confirmed to have hit points in Israel, but only one hit is reported in Um el-Fahepm, an Israeli town dominated by a fairly extremist Arab community.