Dorit Avidani will be in charge of representing the Hebrew country in the Alawi country, although Morocco has not yet made a decision on this appointment

Israel nombra por primera vez a un cónsul en Marruecos

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Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has just announced the appointment of a new Israeli consul, who will be based in Morocco in the near future. Dorit Avidani, a diplomat with more than 30 years of experience in politics and who has been part of the Israeli ministry for a long time. She will have the role of consul and administrative head of the Hebrew country's liaison office in the Kingdom. 

The news has been welcomed by the Israeli Executive, and many of her colleagues have not hesitated to congratulate their country's new consul. One of them was Eyal David, deputy head of the Israeli mission in Morocco. Through the social network Twitter, he has pointed out that his colleague will do a great job in representing her people in Morocco.

"Congratulations to Dorit Avidani, who has been appointed to the post of consul and administrative head of Israel's liaison office in Morocco - with 30 years of experience in Israel's Foreign Ministry, she will do very well in her new position! An excellent addition to our team in Rabat," David commented via Twitter. He also posted a photo of the two of them affirming his friendship with Avidani and his happiness following the appointment.

Dorit Avidani will take up her job, and will be in charge of the administrative management of the Israeli consulate in Rabat, where she will be in charge of all matters related to the consulate. 


Morocco has not yet commented on this announcement, although it is still too early to do so. It should be recalled that for a country to accept a new ambassador, in this case, Avidani will require the approval of the Alawi kingdom to begin performing her duties. In addition, the consul will have to present her credentials either to the head of state, in this case King Mohammed VI himself, or to the Moroccan Foreign Minister, Nasser Bourita.

The events coincide with the restoration of relations between Morocco and Israel in 2020. That year, orchestrated by former US President Donald Trump, the Abraham Accords were signed, putting an end to discussions and confrontations between some Arab countries and the Hebrew nation. Since that time, the Kingdom has begun to formalise a new relationship that is beginning to see great benefits.

During these two years, diplomatic visits between representatives of the two territories have been several, and the appointment of ambassadors has been re-established. This was the case with David Govrin, who took up his post as Israel's ambassador to Morocco in 2021. Even so, the situation is back again with Avidani, as Govrin has neither been commented on nor officially recognised as Israel's permanent ambassador to Rabat.


In addition, Govrin was not part of the delegation of foreign ambassadors held recently at Morocco's royal palace. There, King Mohammed VI received them, who presented their diplomatic credentials to the Kingdom and its representatives.

Despite this, relations between the two are better than ever. Over the past year and away from the pandemic situation, cooperative relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv have been strengthened. Israel also inaugurated its liaison office in Rabat, where Yair Lapid, the Israeli Foreign Minister, witnessed the event.

Cooperation and mutual efforts have intensified over the past two years and the two countries have expressed several times their desire to further improve their relations. This has been seen in a number of unprecedented economic and military agreements that have been agreed in recent months.

"The two countries have many opportunities to share in order to quickly reach this level," said Israel's Ministry of Economy following a visit to the Kingdom by its Minister Orna Barbivai, who announced that trade between the two nations was set to increase significantly to an additional $500 million.