The Alaouite King crowns Morocco's achievements throughout 2023, a year of great trials, but also of great triumphs. L'Observateur magazine considers Mohammed VI man of all years

L'Observateur: Mohammed VI, the man of all years on the throne of a resilient and supportive Morocco

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The sovereign has demonstrated a visionary capacity that few statesmen have had throughout history, having developed his project for Morocco, whether at the societal level with the new Family Code, or at the economic level by tripling its GDP in 20 years, in addition to a singular vision of international relations through the diversification of partners and the multiplication of agreements. 
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Morocco: the pride of a Kingdom, the resilience of a nation and the solidarity of an entire people  

Being Moroccan is a source of pride. This feeling is also expressed through the harmony that unites the citizen King with the royal people. A pride that is consolidated with each new achievement Morocco achieves on a national or international scale. 

For more than two decades, King Mohammed VI has been working to build a modern, respected and admired country, attractive to investors, cultural players and sports leaders from all over the world.   

This admiration lies in the progress it is experiencing in the electronics, aeronautics and automobile industries. Morocco is an ideal destination for all types of investments that respect the environment and are committed to the green economy.

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Governing for Morocco means not only ensuring security and pursuing the country's interests but also those of its friends. Morocco is the image of a stable country that respects its commitments with a strong will to contribute to the development of humanity in peace and security by creating opportunities for itself and its partners. 

Thanks to the vision and action of the monarch Mohammed VI, Morocco has once again demonstrated the resilience that distinguishes it and enables it to face challenges, disasters and dangers with wisdom and determination thanks to the strength of its institutions and the solidarity and generosity of its people. 

At the opening of the first session of the third legislative year of the 11th Legislative, the Moroccan sovereign stressed that solidarity is part of the authentic values of the Moroccan soul that were highly praised by the whole world. Principles that have always allowed the country to overcome crises and adversities and help it to move forward with firmness and optimism.

Following the earthquake disaster in El Haouz, the whole world has witnessed the spontaneous and exceptional waves of solidarity that have spread from Tangier to Lagouira through aid caravans that have begun, from the day after the earthquake, to go to the affected areas. 

The King of Morocco insists on the importance of preserving the values of solidarity, sacrifice, loyalty and patriotism that represent the uniqueness of the country and consolidate its strength to face the challenges ahead. 

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Morocco, the social state pursuing the march of development 

On the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the green march, the King said in his speech that Morocco continues the march of development and modernization and construction; activating the emergency program for the relocation of the victims of the earthquake of Al Haouz. 

The King ordered the mobilization of all means and the necessary speed to help the victims and families affected by the earthquake of September 8, clarifying that the reconstruction plan is only the first brick in a comprehensive and ambitious program of revitalization of the entire region while respecting its unique characteristics. 

Morocco's social transformation is currently reflected by a portion of the population covered by integrated social protection, placing the citizen at the heart of public policies. The royal vision aims to create, in this sense, an equitable, inclusive, prosperous and resilient Morocco. 

Since the end of 2022, more than 22 million Moroccans have been integrated into the compulsory health insurance system (AMO); marking an unprecedented social revolution.  If 2023 has been focused on finalizing the development of the AMO and the unified social register RSU, the period 2024- 2025 will be marked by the implementation of the indemnity for loss of employment (IPE) and the generalization of retirement for the working population. 

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The New Family Code: revision of the Moudawana 

Throughout his speeches, King Mohammed VI never ceases to urge the promotion of women's issues and the family in general. However, in a royal letter addressed to the president of the government on September 26, 2022, Mohammed VI has set a maximum deadline of six months to reform the family code. 

The revision of the Moudawana will be, as the letter clarified, in a concerted and participatory manner by granting the piloting of this major reform to the Ministry of Justice, the High Council of the Judiciary, the High Council of Ulemas, the National Council of Human Rights, the government authority in charge of Solidarity and Social Inclusion in collaboration with civil society and researchers and specialists. 

Autonomy plan for the Sahara garners more international support 

Morocco proposes the autonomy plan as a lasting solution which will enable the Sahara dossier to be definitively closed. The aim is to protect the area from tensions, armed conflicts, terrorism, cross-border crime and human trafficking.

Moroccan diplomacy, which encompasses official, parliamentary, partisan and civil diplomacy, has played a crucial role in securing not only the necessary support for the plan but also a massive recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara. Thanks to its dynamism, Morocco now enjoys an increasingly strong and solid position.

The growing international support of almost 100 countries for Morocco's autonomous initiative, the opening of more than 30 consulates general in El Ayoun and Dakhla and the fact that more than 84% of UN member states do not recognize the Polisario Front, are cumulative achievements that Morocco had gained through its diplomatic work and its focus on the development of the southern territories. 

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Priority Africa: The Atlantic partnership as an integrated regional approach to development

Since 2008, King Mohammed VI has developed in Abidjan a vision of development of the continent through inter-African cooperation based on a win-win relationship. 

In view of the development of South-South cooperation, King Mohammed VI has called for the opening of Africa's Atlantic façade for the Sahel countries.

The idea of Atlantic Africa represents a creative solution that has enjoyed the approval of several countries; it offers Sahelian countries access to the Atlantic Ocean without being forced to remain stuck in place.

Mohammed VI also called for the creation of an institutional framework grouping the 23 Atlantic African countries with the aim of consolidating shared security, prosperity and stability in the region. The launch of this initiative seeks investments that will create real common and sustainable wealth, stressing that development is the key to solving the Sahel's problems.

Morocco aims to realize the African dream of creating regional value chains and enhancing the continent's production potential and prosperity by definitively resolving the infrastructure problem in order to achieve economic growth and guarantee access to health and education services while stimulating the productivity of SMEs.

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2023 a year to materialize the New Investment Charter

Realizing the new investment charter in 2023 has redrawn the economic landscape of Morocco focused on attracting foreign investments in the different regions of the country. 

By relying on public-private partnership, Morocco aims to reach a two-thirds private sector contribution to one-third public by 2030. The investment charter has proven its efficiency with the approval of 19 projects promising the creation of more than 21,000 jobs, marking a significant step in the Moroccan economic fabric. 

It should be noted that industry occupies a preponderant position in investment with 70% of total investments. In terms of employment, the industrial sector contributes 73% to the total number of jobs generated, while the tourism and health sectors each account for 8% of the jobs created. 

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Morocco-Arab Emirates towards a new horizon of bilateral relations 

The pioneering and renewed partnership between Morocco and the United Arab Emirates seeks to turn the complementarity between the two countries into qualitative solidarity and sustainable investment in order to implement a concrete and pragmatic economic cooperation model especially in the infrastructure sectors (Kenitra-Marrakech high-speed train, development of the Casablanca, Marrakech-Dajla and Nador airports, the port of Nador West Med and the port of Dakhla Atlantic).

The partnership also aims to capture opportunities for cooperation in areas such as drinking water, agriculture, energy, tourism, real estate, as well as food security, financial sectors and capital markets, in addition to training and employment. 

In accordance with the vision stated in the special memorandum of understanding, the two parties have set out ways of financing capital investments, concessional loans, competitive commercial loans, innovative financing mechanisms and grants.

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World Cup 2030: the good news delivered by the King 

In a communiqué issued by the Royal Cabinet, Mohammed VI announced the good news to the Moroccan people of the organization of the 2030 World Cup with Spain and Portugal. 

The sporting achievement was celebrated by King, Government and People expressing the joy and willingness to work together to honor an ambitious and hardworking country like Morocco.

On this occasion, the King congratulated both countries and reiterated Morocco's commitment to operate in perfect synergy with the authorities in charge of the dossier of each of the host countries.