The EU ambassador to Mexico ruled out that issues such as the recent European Parliament resolution would affect the collaboration strategy between the two organisations

Mexico, a strategic partner for the European Union in the fight against climate change

PHOTO/UNION EUROPEA - Gautier Mignot, Ambassador of the European Union to Mexico

Mexico has long been a partner of the European Union, and, as EU Ambassador Gautier Mignot said, "will continue to be a strategic partner and leader in working together on various initiatives".

The European Ambassador presented the creation of the EUROCLIMA+ Action Plan in Mexico, as part of the Team Europe Initiative (TEI - 'Team Europe Initiatives') to promote a green transition model against climate change.

During the press conference, Gautier Mignot pointed out that recent controversies such as the European Parliament's resolution on grievances against human rights defenders and journalists or the electricity reform debate will not affect the collaboration strategy that is established in the common agenda items between the two regions.

Sesión sobre la seguridad en Europa durante una sesión plenaria en el Parlamento Europeo en Estrasburgo AFP/FREDERICK FLORIN

"It must be stressed that there are many issues in our bilateral relationship, in our cooperation, in our dialogue, in the current agreement in force and even more in the future Global Agreement, and what happens in one sector does not prevent us from moving forward in other sectors," said the European representative.

The issue of the environment is one of the main points on the common agenda, and Gautier Mignot pointed out the importance of not reducing it only to the debate on electricity reform, as there are many other important points of coordination.

"And we have been very clear that we expect the debate on energy reform to take into account, very much into account, those commitments of Mexico with the Paris Agreement, not only the existing commitments, but also the need to increase the level of ambition, the dynamics in which we are all called," he explained.

EUROCLIMA+ Action Plan

Team Europe's initiative for a green transition model in Mexico will enable cooperation to curb climate change and meet carbon emission reductions.

"Mexico has been a leader in the past and we want it to continue to be a leader in the future in this area and that is what the initiative is about, to accompany and encourage Mexico to continue to prioritise this effort and this issue," said the European ambassador.

Familiares del periodista mexicano Juan Carlos Muñiz asisten a su funeral en Fresnillo, Estado de Zacatecas, México, el 5 de marzo de 2022. - Muñiz, que cubría el crimen para el sitio de noticias en línea Testigo Minero en Fresnillo, fue asesinado el 4 de marzo de 2022, según el gobernador del estado, David Monreal. En lo que va de año, siete periodistas han sido asesinados en el país AFP/HEIDI MONTERO

The EUROCLIMA+ action plan, in collaboration with entities such as the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), establishes four main axes to be addressed: sustainable mobility and smart cities; climate solutions; circular economy and energy efficiency.

"The issue of the Green Transition is a priority for the European Union both internally within the framework of what we call the green pact, which basically consists of aligning all our policies on these objectives of protecting the planet with the great goal of achieving decarbonisation of our economy by 2050 and with an intermediate objective between now and 2030," said the European diplomat during the conference in Mexico.

Planta electrica en Huexca, estado de Morelos, México. AP/EDUARDO VERDUGO

The budget earmarked for this programme includes nearly 1 billion euros to support initiatives throughout Latin America until 2027, of which 300 million euros will be earmarked for the ecological transition in Latin American countries.

As part of the action plan, the European delegation's Cooperation Attaché, Cristina Marín, compiled a series of collaborations that have already been carried out in different Mexican states, such as Puebla and Jalisco, and which have facilitated waste management and the introduction of water as a human right.

Coordinator for the Americas: José Antonio Sierra.