Aziz Akhannouch, Prime Minister of the Alawi kingdom, and Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed al-Jaber met in Rabat to further strengthen the ties between the two nations

Marruecos y Emiratos se reúnen para fomentar las inversiones y la cooperación

photo_camera PHOTO/WAM - Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, has met with Aziz Akhannouch, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change.

Morocco and the United Arab Emirates continue to strengthen their ties. They are two countries with historical and fraternal relations, as well as sharing a very similar and common culture, so that cooperation in different economic fields takes place often and very frequently. Sultan bin Ahmed al-Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, travelled to Rabat to meet with Aziz Akhannouch, the Moroccan Prime Minister. 

At the meeting, the two leaders conveyed their greetings to their respective peoples and vice versa, respectively. Specific issues were discussed, such as the area of investment, in which the two countries would be willing to invest in some economic areas. In addition to that, they also discussed how to further improve relations between the two nations.

Al-Jaber commented that the UAE is looking for investment opportunity in various fields, such as traditional and renewable energy. Morocco would be a perfect place for this as its resources for projects of any energy nature is one of the bets of the new Moroccan Executive. There is also a desire to invest in other sectors, such as industry, minerals, construction, communication and tourism, and even other areas such as real estate and agriculture.

The Emirati minister's visit coincides with his participation in the 15th session of the Energy Conference in Rabat. This is a forum where the energy transition of the countries of North Africa and the Middle East has been discussed. The aim was to find new ways to promote clean and sustainable energy alternatives in order to move away from fossil fuels. The UAE was the guest of honour at this year's event, and Ahmed al-Jaber was the representative of his people in the capital of the Alawi country.


But the visit has been extended, and in pursuit of Moroccan-Emirati cooperation, he has also met with other leaders of the Kingdom. Among them was Nasser Bourita, Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad. In their meeting, they discussed local and global issues, which are part of the joint interest of the two nations to work together.

They also stressed the importance of their diplomatic relationship, especially in recent years.

Afterwards, the Emirati minister continued with another meeting with Riyad Mezzour, the Moroccan Minister of Industry and Trade. At the event, the two ministers discussed cooperative investment in the industrial sector and advanced industries. These are one of the most exploited sectors in Morocco and are reaping significant economic gains. For his part, Al-Jaber stated that mutual investment in these areas would reap great sustainable economic and social growth, which would improve the lives of its citizens in a very important way. 

The latest meeting was held with Leila Benali, the Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development. Al-Jaber told the press that Morocco's efforts in the fight against climate change are undeniable and that its efforts have yielded a very positive result for the Moroccan people. In addition to this, there are opportunities for cooperation in the field of energy and the implementation of projects and plans to combat the greenhouse effect through the use of renewable energies. 

This meeting ended by highlighting that Morocco is an example to follow, as demonstrated by the COP22 summit. The city of Marrakech hosted this forum organised by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). Al-Jaber comments that he will draw on the experience gained by Morocco after this summit, as they will organise the COP28 in the Emirates in 2023.

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