Officials from both countries have met in Rabat to bring their positions closer at a difficult time for international security

Morocco and Germany seek to improve their security cooperation

Abdellatif Hammouchi - PHOTO/FILE
Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of National Security in Morocco - PHOTO/FILE

Morocco is going through one of its best moments in terms of foreign policy. Its portfolio of partners is growing and those that have been part of it for some time are expanding the fields of cooperation with the Alawi kingdom. Germany is a perfect example of this. After showing - and reiterating on numerous occasions - its support for the autonomy plan for the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty, Berlin wants to strengthen its presence in North Africa.

  1. Representatives of the two countries meet in Rabat
  2. Morocco and Germany: Further enhancing a successful partnership

Representatives of the two countries meet in Rabat

The Moroccan capital has witnessed a key meeting in terms of security cooperation. Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of Moroccan National Security and Territorial Surveillance (DGSN-DGST) held a meeting with the head of the German Federal Criminal Police Office, Holger Munch. The two men discussed various issues, focusing on the security problems that threaten both countries.


The current context makes it necessary to improve attack prevention mechanisms. Just two months ago, alarm bells went off in Germany over a possible terrorist attack on Cologne Cathedral. To this must be added the four arrested by the German authorities also in December last year, suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Europe and, according to the authorities, "having links" to the Hamas terrorist group.

Now, Morocco and Germany want to go further in a sector in which, although they have room for improvement, they have already done a lot of work together. The representatives of both countries set as key objectives a 'better approach to tackling transnational crime and mitigating all risks and threats affecting the security of citizens in both countries'.

PHOTO/FILE - Abdellatif Hammouchi, director general de Seguridad Nacional de Marruecos
Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of National Security in Morocco - PHOTO/FILE

Morocco and Germany: Further enhancing a successful partnership

It is no news that ties between Rabat and Berlin are as strong as they are promising for the future. In October, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser highlighted the need for both countries to address migration as one of the most important issues in their relationship with each other.

Especially considering that Morocco is one of the most important countries for a large part of the European community in terms of migratory security. Rabat provides essential assistance in terms of intelligence services, as a report presented during the minister's visit showed that Moroccan collaboration was key to preventing a terrorist attack on Germany.

Indeed, thanks to information provided by the DGST, German police were able to locate and arrest an Egyptian-German national suspected of planning a terrorist attack. Germany therefore wants to keep Morocco close, knowing that it is a key bastion in the fight against terrorism and a guarantor of the security of its citizens.

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