It is the first memorandum of its kind and the two countries will exchange experience in developing digitised judicial systems and work on the fight against terrorism

Marruecos e Israel se unen de nuevo para un acuerdo de cooperación jurídica

photo_camera PHOTO/AFP - Moroccan Justice Minister Abdellatif Wehbe (right) and Israeli Justice Minister Gideon Saar (left) shake hands after signing an agreement in Rabat

The bilateral relationship between Morocco and Israel continues on the path of cordiality. The two countries have come together again through an important agreement that reaffirms once again that the two nations are better off than ever. The Kingdom and the Israeli state have established a new memorandum to work this time on legal cooperation.

This treaty was signed by the Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, and his Israeli counterpart, Gideon Saar. The Hebrew delegate is on an official visit to the Alawi country and took advantage of the trip to meet with Ouahbi and launch this agreement.

This is the first agreement of its kind between Israel and Morocco since the resumption of their relations in 2020. This agreement, framed within the framework of legal cooperation, will be a new step in the exchange of legal knowledge and experience between the two countries. From there, they will move on to a new project in mind for the two regions, which is to establish a judicial system based on digitisation. In this way, the aim is to streamline judicial processes by modernising the entire legislative framework of both parties.

From this agreement also stems the desire to cooperate to work against organised crime, terrorism and human trafficking. Both Morocco and Israel are concerned about the latest movements of terrorist gangs, especially in the Sahel region, and about drug trafficking in their countries, and will therefore work to put an end to them. 

 Israel y Marruecos establecieron relaciones diplomáticas en diciembre de 2020 como parte de los Acuerdos de Abraham, respaldados por Estados Unidos, en los que varios países árabes normalizaron sus vínculos con el Estado de Israel PHOTO/AFP

An unstoppable relationship 

Agreements between the two sides continue to multiply and it is now normal to see the two countries coming together in other sectors. Issawi Frej, Israeli Minister for Regional Cooperation, is also visiting the Kingdom to promote cooperation between the two countries.

In Morocco, he met with the Moroccan Minister of Youth and Culture, Mehdi Bensaïd, and out of this event came a new programme for cultural exchange between the youth of the two peoples. The two ministers discussed how to further promote the good ties between the two sides, and the need to operate in this area was highlighted.

"Together with Minister Bensaïd, we will work to bring citizens and societies closer together," said the Israeli diplomat.

This programme will involve organising summer sessions for young people from both communities to meet and exchange information about each other's cultures. In this way, they will be able to discover that culture or religion is not a determining factor for not maintaining common links between the two countries.

The Moroccan minister also stressed the importance of paying attention to programming and video games. Bensaïd affirmed that this industry is becoming very important in Morocco, and that it is therefore possible to work together to develop it.

It is also worth noting the importance of the fact that last week the Israeli Chief of the General Staff, General Aviv Kochavi, visited the Kingdom for the first time with the aim of promoting military cooperation. The trip is a historic one, as it is the first time that someone of his rank has flown to the North African country. The commander spent three days in the nation where he promoted several security cooperation agreements for both sides.

The US push to foster this relationship

Since the late 2020s, Morocco and Israel have been in a state of diplomatic tension, with neither side ever finding a solution to their differences. The US administration of former President Donald Trump realised that this was not the way forward, and so the Abraham Accords were created.

These pacts, described as the most important of this century, brought Israel together with other Arab countries, including Morocco, where each side managed to bring their positions closer together and take a step towards a new path. Since then, both countries have been immersed in the creation of treaties and cooperation in different economic sectors that have allowed them to become very good strategic allies. 

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